HEPA Filtered Vacuum Cleaners What to look for when making a purchase. This information is brought to you by Absolute Air Cleaners

green cleaning science

Harvard University office for Sustainability Green Cleaning Program This information is brought to you by Harward University office for Sustainability What is

floor cleaning tips

  SEALING/ FINISHING   Always us a clean mop head designed for applying floor finishes and mark the mop handle appropriately so

Foreclosed Homes for Sale: 3 Types of Cleaning Services Banks and Realtors Scramble to Find. Cleaning foreclosed homes has become one of

Select a service that specializes in the hospital cleaning to halt the spreading of infectious diseases, comply with all the necessary guidelines,

carpet cleaning spots

Procedure For Spot Cleaning Carpet And Fabrics Recommended Supplies and Cleaning Equipment: Water Based Spot Remover Solvent Based Spot Remover Aerosol Freezing


Hard Floor Care – Maintenance of Marble Floors In general, a marble floor requires little maintenance. While neglect will spoil its appearance,

pressure washing deck

Pressure Washing A Deck   Assess your project and develop a plan for cleaning that considers what direction the deck drains and


How to Clean Grout

Why do I need grout? Grout keeps ceramic tiles in place; it also keeps liquids, such as bath water that spills over

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