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Owners who do not have the necessary time to clean their own floors may want to consider opting for professional floor cleaning services. Interworld Cleaning provides these kinds of cleaning services so that you can achieve optimal results. A clean office is of maximum importance when it comes to keeping your business thriving and your customers as well as employees well-spirited. The same applies to the comfort of your own home. Unfortunately, this is not always considered a priority, and therefore, some may fail in delivering that image of professionalism.

Whereas many services would not actually rise to meet the expectations of the customers, Interworld Cleaning is by excellence customer-oriented. Our expertise in the field has been polished over 18 years of activity. This way, we learned how to satisfy our clients and how to develop our services according to the highest cleaning standards. Besides, we use state-of-the-art professional floor cleaning products to ensure that the service we provide is in-depth and long-term.

Floor Cleaning Process that Lasts

When you have been cleaning floors for a few years, you learn the proper way of dealing with any kind of surfaces. A hardwood floor, for example, requires a special kind of care while tiles and other similar surfaces need other cleaning techniques and products. It is important to choose the right floor cleaning process to ensure that the result will last throughout time.

Those mass-produced cleaning products/chemicals that one can find in the supermarket aisles are often diluted and have no cleaning power whatsoever. It is not uncommon to find that the bleach most of them contain harms the floor more than it cleans it and restores its natural luster.

Meticulous Floor Cleaning Service

Impurities contribute to the overall aspect of a location. We’re not talking only about those that can be seen with the naked eye, but also about those we cannot see. They make the air stale, and light itself seems to get an unhealthy, sepia sheen. It is the duty of the floor cleaning services to remove everything that produces that effect.

During the cleaning process, Interworld Cleaning will make sure to extract the dirt from every crack, nook or cranny. The quality of the air will, therefore, improve with a proper cleaning, and you will be surprised how everything will change once the unseen dirt is removed from the environment.

Deep Cleanse of the Floors

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When it comes to floor cleaning, you will need not only the best products but also the most professional tools such as floor scrubbers, wet-dry vacuums, high-speed rotary brushes for extra shine and many more. The technicians from Interworld Cleaning will use these tools and cleaning products to trap the dirt, squeeze it out and clean the area. Hard-to-reach areas will also not be missed, and we will ensure that your floors will look as if they are brand new. Our floor cleaning services use products with the Green Clean seal, whenever applicable, as a means of naturally restoring the pH level of your floors. This is mostly important for hardwood floors since they are prone to lose their shine if they are treated with the wrong chemicals.

Proper floor cleaning will prevent any hazards, regardless if it’s to the environment or the people living/working in it. If you give it some thought, floor cleaning services are not concerned only with the health of your floors, but also with yours.

There are many bacteria and spores that will not go away unless they are killed by specialized floor cleaning products. The latter are not exempt of safety hazards either, that is why it is of utmost importance to use floor cleaning items that are devoid of any harmful chemicals. On the other hand, they must be potent enough to wipe out debris, stains and to confer the floor an exquisite, shimmering radiance, consequently making it look new. Our floor cleaning services will do just that with precisely those kinds of products.

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The Process of Floor Cleaning Service

The experts working for our floor cleaning services will use the best products to strip and wax your floors, bringing cleanliness to a whole new standard. Therefore, our floor cleaning process will look as it follows:

propane stripper floor cleaning

  • We use a dust mop to remove all the loose dirt or items that may be found on the surface of your floor.
  • We use floor stripping solutions based on the recommended instructions.
  • We apply the above-mentioned solution and let it take effect for an average of 10 minutes. The time may vary depending on the products that we use.
  • We use propane strippers and/or auto scrubbers equipped with abrasive pads so that we can remove the current floor finish and replace it with a brand-new one
  • We go through every corner so that every space is left clean and disinfected.
  • We clean the stripping solution with the auto scrubber, to leave the place scent free, after which we rinse with clean water.
  • We finish by applying the appropriate coating designed for the surface. We generally use 3 or 4 coats, to ensure that the floor is fully protected and sporting a great glossy shine.

Before and after the cleaning process, we will post “Wet Floor” signs to ensure that no slipping hazards will occur. While the process is basic, it will be done with utmost attention. Not putting these signs all over the cleaned places can lead to reinstating stains and footsteps and even to injuries.

Keeping the Workspace Clean

To ensure that you won’t have to call in the floor cleaning services more than actually needed, consider:

  • Putting doormats in front and behind the doors to avoid carrying debris and mud into the office.
  • Ventilating the rooms properly every day
  • Wiping out coffee or any other liquids immediately after you spill them.
  • Sweeping or vacuuming the floors daily after the working hours and during the working hours when it is needed.
  • The carpets, too, should be vacuumed frequently, particularly those that are prone to retaining dirt easily.
  • Manage the humidity inside the rooms. High humidity can swell up hardwood floors. You can buy humidity controllers or humidifiers if the air is too parched.
  • Don’t keep pets that could scratch the surface of the floor and, for that matter, try to carry things rather than drag them. This would inflict a lot of damage on the coating and then the floor itself.

The floor cleaning products used by Interworld Cleaning will provide a prolonged cleanliness, but of course, this must be preserved. A professional cleaning usually suffices for approximately six months, if floor stripping and waxing are done properly. This, however, depends on a variety of factors: how much traffic a certain space gets daily, frequency and quality of maintenance and location (certain positions are more prone to get dusty as opposed to others). Interworld Cleaning is always at your disposal – we can create personalized maintenance programs according to the needs of the clients.

Floor cleaning services must pay a lot of attention to the details. Cleaning a place is not restricted to just taking a broom and doing some superficial sweeping. Some companies will do that and others won’t, especially when considerably large spaces are involved.

Whenever you are compelled to hire such a team due to lack of time and resources, you must make sure that they will deliver what they promise. Moreover, you mustn’t overlook the floor cleaning products they are using in the process. If they are the cheapest products on the market, you can be sure that the purity won’t last that long. These are the main aspects you have to consider whenever you are tempted to hire a cleaning company. You can always tell professional companies from rookie ones even by reading a few testimonials on their websites. Those are the opinions of the customers vis-à-vis the efficiency of the services. Thanks to them, you are able to make the best, informed decision.

If you find yourself in need of professional floor cleaning services, Interworld Cleaning can work around a time that is most suitable for you. Regardless if you need an overnight or a weekend cleaning, we are sure that we can carry out a high-quality service that will leave your facility with that shiny “wet” look. With us, you can rest assured that your office or/and home is in good hands.

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