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Why enlist the help of commercial kitchen cleaning services? Well, it’s all about impressions. When you walk into a place of business that is new to you, how do you size it up? How do you evaluate other restaurants? Do you assess its orderliness and neatness? In other words, do you assess if the restaurant appears clean? These questions are of particular concern to restaurateurs that serve food.

Cleanliness is crucial if you want to prepare meals in a busy kitchen and serve them on plates and silverware that your staff has washed. A comprehensive kitchen cleaning checklist and tips are necessary to make sure your cooking area is up to standards. But are you sure your staff knows how to clean a kitchen floor or clean the hood properly? Getting commercial kitchen hood cleaning might be the best option.

You may shrug off cleaning the kitchen, but we are telling you, a dirty kitchen is a deal-breaker here. And it’s a deal-breaker for two reasons.

cleaning food codeReason Number One: You Need to Stay in Line With the Law

There is a complex and stringent set of rules and legislation on keeping the kitchen in a professional condition. FDA Food Code and Food Hygiene and Safety state laws provide guidelines on how to clean a kitchen. Although these laws are quite specific and detailed, when you are trying to run a business in real-time, maintaining these standards can be difficult (luckily, there are some kitchen cleaning tips to make it easier, but more on that later).

The purpose of the FDA Food Code rules on how to clean a kitchen is to protect diners.

While cleaning the kitchen, here are some benefits of cleaning up your act:

  • Reducing the risk of foodborne illnesses, protecting customers and your restaurant from financial losses.
  • The ability to employ uniform standards for retail food safety, reducing complexity and ensuring compliance.
  • Eliminating redundant processes for establishing food safety criteria.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services Lead to Happy Customers

The second reason a dirty restaurant is a deal-breaker is that areas in your restaurant like the restroom tell a big part of the story to the customers. In fact, 86 percent of respondents in a study equated the cleanliness of a restaurant’s bathroom with that of its kitchen. So if you leave a messy sink and toilet stalls, dried-up bugs, streaked windows, and dusty surfaces, your customers are likely to feel uncomfortable dining in your establishment.

Even worse, someone might snap a picture of areas like the bathroom or walk into a messy nook in the kitchen. If they post them as your next online review, you’re in trouble. This is a business killer because the second most popular way guests find new restaurants other than word of mouth is through social media reviews.

Lack of Industrial Kitchen Cleaning Services Causes Health Problems

professional cleaning servicesAs if losing customers isn’t bad enough, you could be making your current customer sick with a poorly cleaned kitchen. As a consequence, you could face:

  • Prosecution,
  • Terrible working conditions,
  • Contamination by bacteria,
  • Risk of pest infestation,
  • A horrible image of your business,
  • Costly lawsuits that can take the business out of existence.

Kitchen Cleaning Checklist for You to Tackle Yourself:

Your staff should know how to clean a kitchen by practicing the following kitchen cleaning tips:

The staff should be practicing FIFO (first in, first out) storage. On top of that, they should leave space between each container for the air to circulate and cool the leftovers efficiently.

Prep Done Right – Employees shouldn’t use the same cutting board for poultry, vegetables, and other meats. Also, they should not use the same knife for poultry and for other foods. And lastly, they should wash foods that they cut and serve cold.

When It’s Time for the Professional Kitchen Cleaning?

cleaning the kitchenYour staff might think they know how to clean properly, but the truth is, they might not even be cleaning the kitchen floor the right way. What’s more, if they are using the wrong tools or techniques, they might actually be spreading dirt and bacteria rather than cleaning the kitchen. These mistakes jeopardize your employees and your customers.

It can be tricky to know the best water temperature to clean the kitchen floor, hood, and other elements. However, sanitizing requires a particular temperature for chemicals in the water to work efficiently. In other words, having a few kitchen cleaning tips up your sleeve isn’t enough for commercial kitchen hood cleaning, or for the cleaning of any other elements, for that matter.

Where to find the Pros for Professional Kitchen Cleaning

Maintaining standards of cleanliness is essential in the food preparation industry, so make sure you hire the right commercial kitchen cleaners. 46% of all restaurateurs in a Toast survey listed hiring, training, and retaining restaurant staff as their number one challenge. So aside from a comprehensive kitchen cleaning checklist, here are some hints of a quality company you should search for:

  • Communication with the professional cleaning team. You should expect to be able to contact a team member and get a response when you need one.
  • Cleaning packages customized for your business should be expected. Work with a business who will work with your budget.
  • Your professional cleaning prospect should be fully licensed, insured, and permitted.
  • Your expert cleaning team should help you pass fire, health, or food inspections.
  • The team should be hand picked – properly trained, certified with a background check, insured, and professional.

Interworld Cleaning is your best choice among commercial kitchen cleaning companies

After the last table is bussed and the kitchen closes for the night, Interworld Cleaning’s restaurant cleaning teams leap into action. They have been trained in cleaning for maximum efficiency and have experience delivering work that doesn’t disappoint. When you walk in the next day, expect to experience cleaning done with care, ensuring that your dining areas and kitchen are clean, ready and fresh for a new day.

  • We provide the best services, a superior and immaculate restaurant from kitchen to the dining area.
  • Our staff is dedicated to our collective vision of industry-forward green cleaning.
  • Our company is dependable. You have access to our support line Monday through Friday, 9-6, and measured inspections.
  • We offer cleaning packages tailored to specific business owners – a plan just for you.

How to clean a kitchen – by Interworld Cleaning

commercial kitchen cleaning services

  • We use strong degreasers for the oven and grill and the right supplies for commercial kitchen hood cleaning
  • We clean the kitchen and ovens with hot water pressure washers (this type of cleaning prevents allergen residues from forming on kitchen equipment and surfaces and removes 99.99% of bacteria).
  • When it comes to stainless steel appliances, we polish them to look like new.
  • Thoroughly and hygienically clean surfaces where food is prepared, like stove tops, counter tops, and cutting boards.
  • We know how to clean the kitchen floor properly, making sure we don’t leave any food or grime in hard-to-reach corners.

commercial kitchen cleaning services restaurant

The Bottom Line

Restaurant professional kitchen cleaning service is designed to help you broadcast to your customers that your restaurant is a friendly place to have a nice meal to eat. We encourage you to contact us today for a no obligation quote to discuss commercial kitchen cleaning services we can do for you and find out more about our kitchen cleaning checklist.