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The significance of office cleaning in the business context cannot be overlooked. On that note, here at Interworld Cleaning, we aim to provide high-quality commercial office cleaning services to companies from different realms. We supply professional office cleaning services for residential, industrial and commercial customers, and even medical cleaning services. The professionalism with which we deliver each job is never sub-par, regardless of the size of the project. You can count on that!

Why You Need Professional Office Cleaning Services

You need professional office cleaning services from a reliable provider like us to gain the maximum benefits from your workers. But how do we do this? We have a wide range of services and strategies that help us clean the messy areas of your office. Our expert cleaners also have the ability to clean the place without disturbing office operations because of our different types of equipment. This means you can increase productivity, clean up the place, and carry out the office work all at the same time.

Optimal office cleaning linked to
maximized employee productivity

iwc office cleaning Baltimore MDAccording to statistics, the average individual spends approximately 8.9 hours engaging in work-related activities. This time is, mainly, spent in the office.

Furthermore, the cleanliness of an office has an immediate impact on the employees’ productivity, as outlined by various studies conducted in the domain.

Namely, a study that included 400 employees and managers proved that the cleanliness of an office actually influences productivity. To be more precise, there was a 5 percent growth in productivity.

Apart from that, another study by the Minnesota Department of Health highlighted that decent housekeeping practices are linked to comfort and health benefits alike.

Your office is a reflection of your company’s values

A clean working environment has positive impacts on the health and productivity of the employees. On top of that, one should also note that the office is a space that represents your company.

In other words, the way your office looks will affect the first impression that your customers, stakeholders, and others will get of your business. And one thing is for certain – first impressions matter, in all case scenarios.

An unorganized, cluttered working environment may cost you a contract, and that is definitely not worth it, considering the implications.

Commercial office cleaning

office floor cleaning with machineOur standards for commercial office cleaning are the highest among all the office cleaning companies on the market.

We want to aid you to make a long-lasting, positive impression on your clients or stakeholders, and we pay attention to every detail.

Our dedication, flexibility, and professionalism are some of the many reasons we have built a positive reputation in this industry.

Our services extend far beyond the usual mop–and–sweep routine work that most office cleaning companies do. We have the advantage of staff with vast experience along with a fleet of modern cleaning equipment. All of this combined delivers impeccable results.

Why You Need Commercial Office Cleaning?

Commercial office cleaning not only helps to make your surrounding ambiance attractive and appealing. It also creates an environment that boosts productivity. An office with clean corners, office tables, washrooms, and other office places makes your employees happy.

It also evokes a sense of encouragement that you are giving them a better atmosphere because of their continuous hard work. Not to mention, your clients and customers feel more confident dealing with you when they see a tip-top office. For your office and business growth, you need our help to make your premises clean and attractive.

Common Commercial Office Cleaning Services Offered By Office Cleaning Companies

The most common commercial office cleaning services we offer you are:

  • Decluttering and organizing your workplace so that there is little space for germs to hide,
  • Dusting the entire place regularly, from high top areas to the tables,
  • Cleaning of hard-to-reach places while rearranging and maintaining your office area,
  • Emptying the dustbins and throwing out the garbage every day,
  • Disinfecting every single area of your office with the help of disinfectant equipment,
  • Cleaning of office carpets with various tools and types of equipment,
  • Washing and cleaning of tiles, stones, and grout,
  • Cleaning the outside area of your office,
  • Wiping exterior designs and windows.

Which Commercial Office Cleaning Is Best For You?

Wondering which commercial office cleaning is best for you? Well, we have designed our services in such a way that we can clean your office from top to bottom. All of these services are important for any commercial place. This is because the more a place is used, the higher the risk of germs.

Not to mention, decluttering is also vital for commercial areas. Most of these places are used by thousands of people, which leads to more unnecessary clutter. Office management finds it hard to understand what they should keep and what is totally useless. In this case, we help you throw the things that are only collecting dust on your shelves.

Medical office cleaning

medical office cleaningIt’s a universally acknowledged truth that healthcare facilities cope with an abundance of diseases as a result of treating patients. What is more, according to statistics, many of these cases lead to complications.

Since doctors spend a lot of time in the office environment, many infections transmit easily. On that note, working in a sanitary environment is highly recommended for the health of the employees and patients alike.

Fortunately, these scary scenarios can be prevented by implementing excellent hospital cleaning services. In this direction, we designed our medical office cleaning service to sanitize medical offices.

Medical Office Cleaning Challenges

There are plenty of challenges in medical office cleaning that only professionals can handle. Some of the challenges are:

  • Disinfection of hard to reach areas spaces, high touch areas, and porous surfaces
  • Bathroom cleaning to lower the risk of germs transfer quickly
  • Cleaner’s familiarity with the medical healthcare organization’s spaces, such as operation rooms, patient rooms, and waiting areas
  • Reduction of pollutants and irritants in the air for patients with respiratory problems
  • Safe cleaning and removal of hazardous chemicals
  • Elimination of substances that can cause cross-contamination
  • Upholding OSHA regulations, as well as following the rules of AORN, CDC, and joint commissions standards.

How Can Medical Office Cleaning Services Meet These Challenges?

staff qualifiedTo combat these problems, we use various strategies, systems, and cleaning products. We have designed our medical office cleaning services in such a way that the medical institutions can carry out their job without any problems. Some of the common strategies we use are:

  • A disinfection system that aims to eliminate germs from even the hard-to-reach places
  • Training protocols that help you believe our cleaner’s abilities. The protocols involve wearing gloves, cleaning suites, and masks.
  • Special products for bathroom cleaning targeting germs spots such as flush handles, faucet handles, and towel dispensers
  • Cleaning methods and products that eliminate the need for harsh cleaning agents
  • HEPA-filter vacuuming to catch all the airborne pollutants
  • Biohazard disposal and waste removal protocols
  • Use of products that can give long-term coverage to the most infected areas in the healthcare institution

What we offer

guaranteeProfessional office cleaning involves so much more than merely mopping and sweeping, which is what most office cleaning companies provide. We attempt to offer our customers much more than that, which is professionalism and optimal results, every time.

On that account, we make sure to hire experienced individuals who are acquainted with the procedures that work best for your business space. In other words, we provide optimal performance when it comes to commercial office cleaning and medical office cleaning alike.

We place the scope of work, on which we had previously agreed with the client, in the janitorial closet. This way, our team knows what they need to do and how often. That is a practice we have developed considering that each client has distinct needs. We want to address these needs with maximized care.

Our staff is genuinely qualified

The staff we hire plays a crucial role in this direction. This is why we are sensible with every hire we make. The key to being successful in this industry is hiring the right people.

On that note, without exception, we conduct a thorough background check before making a hire. After establishing that our employees are a good fit for the job, we provide them with intensive training programs.

In the same respect, we invest in modern, state-of-the-art cleaning equipment, which guarantees spotless results, every time. For the same purpose, every month, we have employee meetings to review the performance of every project.

commercial office cleaning maryland washington dcWe want to make sure that every customer gets what he/she pays for. For that reason, we are open to making adjustments when asked. That is why we discuss this matter on a monthly basis to establish whether our performance fits the expectations of the client.

What is more, we send our clients a 1-page survey that asks about our performance. These results are then sent to our team’s manager, and after that, to our staff members.

Also, to establish how much time our staff spends in your facility, we install clock in/out systems that indicate this information. That’s because we want to be 100 percent open with you. This is a fundamental element to developing a long-lasting collaboration, which we want to have with you.

Green office cleaning

green office cleaningGreen cleaning equals the use of services and products that have a diminished detrimental impact on the environment and human health.

Our Interworld Cleaning program is based entirely on a top-quality line of green products. That is because we care about the health of your employees.

The products we opt for are environmentally friendly and deliver optimal results. They don’t emit the strong, chemical scents that conventional cleaning products leave behind.

According to, green cleaning diminishes the risks for those who have asthma and allergies. Strongly scented cleaning products pose enormous risks that shouldn’t be underestimated. It’s your health that’s at stake.

Recurring clients receive a Welcome Package with their team leader’s phone number and a notepad, as well as MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets). These contain crucial information regarding the products we use and the potential hazards linked to them. Nonetheless, since we use high-quality, green products, the dangers related to these are significantly reduced.

We are committed to keeping your office space as environmentally friendly and clean as possible. We believe that green office cleaning is so much more than using green products. It’s about developing a mindset that places value on the health of the individual and the preservation of the environment.

Major Reasons to Use Green Cleaning Services

Our commercial office cleaning services revolve around green cleaning for various reasons. Some of the major ones are mentioned below:

  • To make your office safer from harmful chemicals
  • To protect employees’ health and to prevent the development of respiratory problems
  • Avoiding volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • To save our planet Earth from harmful chemicals
  • To make office operations easier, as employees can work while we are cleaning
  • Playing our part to make the environment green and clean
  • To advocate against the products that are disastrous for human health

Flexible office cleaning

We also understand that our cleaning activities shouldn’t affect your business’ working schedule in any way. Hence, you shouldn’t worry that our work will interfere with your projects.

Flexibility is a feature that represents the services we provide. We understand that each business operates on a distinct schedule and has different needs.

On that note, we provide round-the-clock services that we base on your requirements and individual specifications.

We provide standard and customized commercial office cleaning services

As we understand that each company’s needs differ, we offer you the opportunity of choosing between our standard and customized services. Therefore, depending on your needs, you can let us know how you want us to clean your office.

We can be your go-to for furnishing a variety of professional office cleaning services, which include floor waxing and stripping, pressure washing, carpet cleaning, and others.

Nonetheless, bear in mind that unique specifications are linked to extra costs.

Nothing is more important to us than your ultimate satisfaction. That is why we are entirely flexible and willing to alter our routine.

dispensers iwc

Complementary services

In order to outline the fact that we cherish the collaboration with our customers, we provide additional hand soap, paper towel, and toilet paper dispensers. These will find their use in every office.

We have gained a top position
in the office cleaning industry

Our dedication and professionalism have determined the position we have earned in the office cleaning industry. Please note that not all office cleaning companies are made equal. Our working philosophy separates us from the rest.

We cherish your health and the wellbeing of the environment, which is why we use products that satisfy all standards. At the same time, we concentrate on constructing long-term relationships with our clients and cater to all their needs.

We are proud to have served many companies such as Sirius XM, Eurest Services, Amico Property Management, and many others. They have all been satisfied with the work we provide. And we would genuinely appreciate being a part of your success as well, by supplying our top commercial office cleaning services.

Major Reasons for Our Success

We have discussed what makes us different from other office cleaning companies and what has helped us reach the peak of success. We are happy to give our services to our clients and make their environment safer than before. The two more major aspects of our cleaning company that play a great role in satisfying our clients are as follows.

Professional Office Cleaning Services

skilled professional office cleaning staff This is one of the major reasons that we are able to win the hearts of our clients. We have highly qualified and skillful staff that has the ability to perform professional office cleaning services efficiently. Most of our staff members have been providing these services in the field for years.

Not to mention, all of our employees know how to use all the best equipment like electrostatic sprays and other disinfectant machines. Our team uses all their experience and knowledge to make your environment safer and cleaner.

Affordable Prices for Professional Office Cleaning Services

Another secret of our success is the costs of services. We have managed to offer affordable prices for commercial office cleaning services so that every commercial office owner can take advantage of our expertise. Of course, different cleaning services have different prices, but they are pretty cost-effective when you compare them to other office cleaning companies.

Moreover, you can also get customized services whenever you want at reasonable prices. We have the aim to clean the Earth with all means, which has forced us to design Interworld in such a way that the smallest to largest companies can take advantage of our abilities.

Some of our credentials:

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