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Interworld Cleaning Providing a Clean World Regardless of Where It Is

Interworld Cleaning is a professional cleaning services company that has been in the business since 2009. Our aim is to make sure that your company is a clean mirror of who you are and what you provide for your customers. We offer our professional services in Maryland, Baltimore, and Washington DC so that you, in turn, can provide great strategies to the world – all in an environment that will keep everyone happy and healthy.

Superior Cleaning Services at Any Times

At Interworld Cleaning, we offer great importance to professionalism and quality. Therefore, our cleaning services will be a direct reflection of what you ask of us. Our standards are at a global level, and we will not end the collaboration until the facility is clean and the customer is happy with the result.


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Clock in- Clock Out

We offer a clock-in and clock out system for our employees that will intuitively fill out time sheets. The less things our customers have to worry about, the more you can focus on doing what you do best. Growing your business.



Complementary Dispensers

We offer the latest complementary soap, paper dispensers and dilution systems to give your facility the sleek and professional appearance it deserves. We will always make sure that they are fully stocked and loaded, and if arranged we can extend this to all your facility service product needs.   


Green Seal Cleaning Products

We offer a wide range of green cleaning products that adhere to the strict standards of green seal products. This not only helps you play a role in saving our environment, but saves you money by reducing waste and health care cost associated with non-green cleaning chemicals that other companies may provide.


Strategic Vendors and Partnerships

We spend a lot of time interviewing and screening our vendors to offer you the best price and the most superior products. We are constantly working to provide the latest and most effective products to provide you with unmatched quality at the best value.


Marketing Platforms

Thanks to you, we now have over 4k subscribers in our monthly newsletter! We like to return the gratitude by featuring some of our customers in our newsletter. We also provide our Nature-Rich Pledge graphic to empower and raise awareness of their commitment to green cleaning standards. 


Emergency Labor Response Team 

We understand that life happens;  a surprise visit from the powers-at-be or a last minute inspection. That is why we try our best to accommodate our customers with a response team for most of your cleaning needs. We have been able to successfully assemble a 90 labor response team for a strike, with an incredible turnaround time of under 24 hours! 


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