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School cleaning services are a paramount part of providing a high-quality learning environment for students. On the other hand, having untrained staff can put their well-being in danger. For this reason, finding school cleaning companies that are experts in all school cleaning procedures is crucial. Let the real pros take care of your school cleaning checklist!

Cleaning Definitions to Know: Sanitizing, Cleaning, and Disinfecting are not the same:

Cleaning – Removes grime, dirt, dust, and some germs. Although cleaning does not kill all germs, it lowers their numbers and makes it difficult for them to survive and repopulate. Consequently, this reduces the risk of spreading infections. Areas touched frequently by many people need thorough and constant cleaning. Tools like microfiber cloths and mops, filtration vacuums, and steam cleaners make school cleaning procedures more effective.

Sanitizing – Reduces germs on surfaces to a safe level, decreasing the risk of spreading infection. The process involves heat or the use of a sanitizing product approved by the EPA. First, we clean surfaces, then we sanitize them to improve the final result.

Disinfecting – Kills most germs on surfaces. Cleaning should precede disinfecting because disinfecting does not leave the surface clean or remove germs.

The Bottom Line – Why it’s Important to Enlist the Help of School Cleaning Services

  • Unsanitary conditions attract vermin and insects. In addition, allergens and irritants found in dirt and dust have a negative impact on the health and performance of your students.
  • Indoor air allergens and pollutants associated with poor cleaning practices contribute to increased respiratory and asthma symptoms in both children and adults.
  • Regular, thorough cleaning and building maintenance prevent pest problems and minimize irritants. Overall, they create a healthier learning and working environment for children and staff.

Did you know that, due to poor hygiene, students lose twenty-two million school days every year to the common cold?

school classroomWhen you oversee a school, you aren’t just responsible for the education of your students – you’re also responsible for their safety. Hygiene standards for schools are an integral part of the safety process, protecting students from dangerous viruses and bacteria.

Preventing the spread of germs is contingent upon hygiene maintenance. Hire the best among school cleaning companies, and you are setting your students up for success. In addition to cleanliness and removing dangerous germs, air quality is another concern on the school cleaning checklist.

In fact, the Department of Education informs us that more than 20 percent of public schools in the US report unsatisfactory indoor air quality.

Why Preserving Good Air Quality in the School is an A+ Idea

  • One study examined students in two rooms – one with greater ventilation and the other that had poor ventilation. The study concluded that classrooms with greater ventilation scored as much as 14-15% higher on standardized tests as opposed to classrooms that didn’t.
  • Still, up to fifty percent of the country’s schools have problems with indoor environmental quality.
  • Adding the improvement of air quality to the school cleaning checklist helps our children learn better and perform at their full potential.
  • On the other hand, poor air quality can exacerbate learning and behavioral disorders.

An Excellent School Cleaning Service Can Prevent Absenteeism

When an educational facility is clean and healthy indoors and out, absences due to contagious illnesses go down, while teachers call in less as well. School teachers are currently absent on average 5.3 days a year. This poses a problem for our children. Frequent teacher absences can have serious consequences on the quality of education that a student receives over a school year.

Hiring Professionals Saves Money and Improves District Reputation

  • Proper school cleaning procedures will result in teachers calling in sick less. Currently, those 5.3 days a year teachers are absent cost more than $25 million a year with an extra $4 billion spent on substitutes. With a staff that knows how to clean school facilities, total absences decrease and the $29 billion can be used for other educational purposes.
  • Drop-out rates and absenteeism have a direct connection. To be precise, chronically absent students are 7.4 times more likely to drop out of school. Needless to say, dropout rates are taken into account when states issue school district “report cards”. Proper school cleaning procedures mean a decrease in absenteeism, increased graduation rate, and higher school ranking.

How to Clean School Facilities? We Know!

school cleaning checklistAlthough school budgets are shrinking, outsourcing school cleaning services actually boosts your bottom line when you work with us thanks to our professional and accountable hygiene maintenance. What’s more, in-house custodial work entails high overhead, liability issues, employee turnover, and personnel costs. If you need an efficient night cleaning service or a custodial team on-site, we are proud to provide your school with efficient detailed services tailored to you.

The School Cleaning Checklist:

  • a clean environment improves the learning experienceKitchen and cafeteria maintenance
  • Restroom and locker room sanitation
  • Summer deep cleans
  • Recycling
  • Carpet and floor care

Go Green School Cleaning With Us

We are proud to be among school cleaning companies that offer green school cleaning – a service that benefits both the environment and your students. Needless to say, green cleaning plays a necessary role in creating a healthier environment. Specifically, it improves student attendance, attitude, reading, and math scores, and teacher retention, according to one study.

school cleaningWe carefully select green disinfectants for your school, considering:

  • -EPA-registration
  • -Cost
  • -Effectiveness
  • -Regulations
  • -Potential Health Effects

Why Choose IWC for a Clean Learning Environment

We are leaders among school cleaning companies.

school cleaning IWC uniformWe’re a team that understands your school’s particular cleaning needs. When you choose us, you are choosing to hire skilled employees well versed in today’s top school cleaning strategies or processes. We will cover your whole school cleaning checklist in detail.

We keep classrooms healthy. Exclusive green cleaning products are our go-to to protect your students against viruses and bacteria. Our non-irritating system eliminates most germs from almost any surface, including high-touch areas like computer keyboards or door handles.

We leave the air fresher and healthier. Our vacuums are among the most advanced in the industry. They even include filters that improve the quality of air in your school.

We keep good grades. Our school cleaning services will allow you to stay compliant with all regulations and standards, including those outlined by OSHA.

We are safe and secure. Easily identify our staff in uniform, with prominent name tags when we are on site.

We guarantee you will be happy. Every cleaning is covered by our guarantee, which promises your total satisfaction. In addition to that, if you do have a question, concern, or service issue, simply contact our helpline. We are available seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, and we will correct the issue immediately.

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