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You know how important it is to prioritize commercial carpet cleaning. For your employees to succeed, every industrialized or large open space necessitates a clean, healthy and safe environment.

When you use cleaning in your safety regime, you begin to notice that there are less work absences or worker’s compensation plans as well. So hire a reputable cleaner who will get to work for you right away, in the right way.

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What Makes Commercial Carpet Cleaning Company Reputable?

carpet cleaning crewThe fact that Interworld Cleaning has satisfied customers like as Unilever, Kohl’s, and WHITING-TURNER speaks volumes about our reliability and level of professionalism. But let’s deep into the logistics of a trustworthy commercial and industrial cleaning company:
  • Our company hires the right people and sets them up for success – background checks for everyone and all employees go through intensive training.
  • We use clock in/out systems upon request so you want keep tabs on how long our people have been in your facility, and when.
  • We make routine “house calls,” at least once per month to make sure everything is going OK.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services that Will make your floors sparkle

hot water extractorOur skilled, efficient, and now well trained cleaning operatives will blow your old carpet cleanings out of the water. We ensure that green products are used whenever possible on the carpets that are cleaned. You can sleep well knowing our products are environmentally healthy yet still do an amazing job.You will find that we only invest in the best equipment in the industry, like hot water extractors and low speed rotary machines. Customers will be more satisfied when their carpet is sparkling like new, so these investments are worth it.We’re available 24 /7 so you we can work around your environment and shift patterns. This isn’t Interworld Cleaning’s first rodeo. We’ve been in business for a while, part of this is due to using top grade cleaning products and tried and true techniques we have used to train our employees.
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What we have to offer:

  • Wall to wall carpet cleaning of any sized space
  • Cleaning under ares with fixed structures.
  • Conference room cleaning
  • Areas of Heavy Traffic
  • Stairways and hallways

Get some Bang for your buck with industrial carpet cleaning

industrial carpet cleaningWe also offer industrial carpet cleaning. Our employees take their training and work hard to ensure that no matter how big or small the job, it is important to meet the company’s high standard for cleanliness.

We have worked commercial carpet cleaning jobs in offices, hotels, schools, and hospitals. Hospitals that house the sick understand we are up to the task, as well as your school understands that your precious children are in the right hands.

We provide safety by using our extensive range range of green, top notch products, and we also understand that a sanitized, safe and healthy environment is required for commercial establishments. Our equipment is some of the best as well – hot water extractors are used here as well, along with low-speed rotary machines.

Interworld Cleaning taps into well known suppliers for it’s janitorial cleaning products and equipment from Buckeye Cleaning Solutions, Betco and others. The company’s close relationship with these businesses ensure that if there are any new innovations or cleaning techniques, we will be the first business to know, which means you’ll be the first customer to know.

That’s great, but where do I get my bang for my buck with Industrial Carpet Cleaning?
better cleaning carpets than bying newIf you’re a business owner, logic dictates that you don’t want your commercial, industrial or residential property to look dirty. And those beautiful rugs you had picked out not too long ago? If you don’t consistently clean them, you can say goodbye and shell out more money for rugs and carpets.  In fact, when you put off consistent carpet cleanings, you can reduce your carpet life by THIRTY PERCENT.So get used to doling out even more money to purchase more carpeting 30% sooner than businesses that receive industrial carpet cleanings. These days, carpets are now the number one floor covering in most commercial settings.

So when we talk about getting your bang for your buck, we are talking about spending a little on commercial, industrial and residential carpet cleaning, or spending a lot on a brand new carpet. If you were a customer in a store with a stained and dirty carpet would you come back?

carpet cleaning company IWCWe suggest you contact us for a quote today, whether you are looking for commercial cleaning industrial cleaning and residential cleaning services. We can help you clean house at a fair price and dependable results. Time is running out as your carpets get more wear and tear now, contact us to use our products instead of installing a new carpet.

At Interworld Cleaning, we understand that there is a correlation between work injuries and unkempt businesses. That’s why we do what we do. But as a business owner, this idea should be second nature to you too. Your customers and employees are safer, and your carpet will just be nice to look at.

We will never rope you into a long-term agreement with legal small print. To cancel services, simply make a call to our customer service departments. Month to month contracts are flexible for you, and it is good for us to be on our toes to deliver incredible results time after time.

iwc carpet cleaning free quoteWe are here to get in, get out and help you as quickly as possible. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today by filling out a quote form, making a phone call, or sending an email. You’ve got nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain here.We use the latest technology, equipment and best practices for our commercial and residential carpet cleaning services.

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