Green Cleaning Products Benefits

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Environmentally friendly cleaning products are objectively better than their alternative on almost every level. There is a bit of a stigma that surrounds eco-friendly cleaning materials. The stigma seems to suggest that these products focus more on sustainability than they do the actual cleaning. This isn’t so. Not only are green cleaning products good for the environment, they are also safe, effective alternatives to the toxins that most American households are willingly introducing to their homes on a daily basis. In this [...]

Hiring Cleaning Service: 7 Mistakes


Hiring cleaning service can be a very exciting decision. After all, everyone loves the chance to neutralize the stressors in their life, right? And yet, it’s not as straightforward as googling “cleaning service hiring near me” and going with the first option you see. The truth is that some providers are a lot better than others. In this guide, we take a look at hiring cleaning company tips that can help ensure you have a stress free experience. Hiring Cleaning Service Mistakes: [...]

Commercial Disinfection Services

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Interworld Cleaning provides professional commercial disinfection services to a broad range of businesses and organizations. Tailored to meet the specific needs of your business, Interworld Cleaning specializes in disinfection of all types of porous and non-porous surfaces. In addition, we use Green Seal Certified products whenever possible to help protect your health and that of your staff. We avoid cross-contamination during the deep cleaning. We use color-coded microfiber cloths. Clients use our commercial disinfection services in a variety of places. We go [...]

How Is Coronavirus Affecting the Commercial Cleaning Industry

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  Financial markets have significantly stumbled, manufacturing has dropped down, retail is in trouble, and some states are seeing rise up in unemployment due to the novel Coronavirus. However, one sector is thriving amid COVID-19 that is the commercial cleaning industry. The pandemic has changed people’s view of health and hygiene and is also altering their social behaviors. Now they are more concerned about their health than any other thing on this planet Earth. People need hand sanitizers, surface cleaners, masks, gloves, [...]

Floor Maintenance Tips by Interworld Cleaning

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Congrats! You made the decision to strip and wax your floor. That “wet” glossy look will enhance your facility's appearance and give a long-lasting shine to your flooring. In an effort to get the maximum return on your investment we have put together a “rule of thumb” list which will greatly help in keeping that shine lasting for as long as possible. Hopefully, you will find them useful. As usual, your Interworld representative is on standby to assist you with any questions [...]

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