Celebrating Friendship


On July 30th we celebrate International Friendship Day. Friends are great to have, we derive so much joy from their companionship and have such great fun together. Some may think they don’t have many friends, but this is simply not true. Friends are all around us. Remember the last time you grabbed a coffee or went for a burger, the person who helped you’s friendly smile? Well, that is a sign of friendship. Friends are all around us, even if you have [...]

Appreciating Social Media


There’s something for everyone on Social Media, if it’s a YouTube ‘how to’ video or posting your latest adventure on Instagram. Some people prefer the anonymity and enthralling content of Reddit, others enjoy posting creative ideas on Pinterest. Tik-tok and Twitter are at the heart of major political debates and regularly in the spotlight. June 30 is officially World Social Media day. Let’s take a look at how social media has affected our lives since its inception in 1997: Over 70% of [...]

3 Ways To Clean A New Home Before Moving In

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Moving to a new home? It’s both an exciting and stressful period as you have to sort out many things. A new apartment or house presents so many possibilities. A fresh start to remodel your space the way you prefer. However, before you start with the fun part, you must take care of the basics. It’s time to clean and disinfect your place. The people who lived there before you inevitably left some dirt behind. It's important to take care of that [...]

Celebrating Our Communities

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As we celebrate Memorial Day this month, we should too celebrate our communities and the freedoms we have. At Interworld, the communities of Maryland are important to us and it’s just in our DNA to offer them the best service possible. We serve the community with pride and place great value on ensuring the cleanliness of businesses and homes throughout the area. So important is cleanliness and community involvement to us, that we compiled a list of what we can all do [...]

A Greener Tomorrow

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We have one world to live in, our shared home, and we need to do everything we can to protect it. With Earth day this past week, it's a great time to reflect on what each of us can do to protect the environment. At Interworld, the environment is close to our hearts, so we have compiled a list of what you can do around the house and office to celebrate this earth day and make sure you are doing your bit [...]

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