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Our children bring us joy and love everyday and as parents we want nothing but for them to be happy and healthy. From the time they are born we are constantly wiping, cleaning and disinfecting our homes in order to reduce the number of germs and pathogens that enter into their environment. It seems like a daunting task which requires our full attention but it is a minor inconvenience when you think of all the good it does.

As they get a little older and it becomes time to enroll them into daycare the real worries begin. As a first time parent I was excited at the notion of my son going to daycare – he was going to get to play with other kids, make friends and be exposed to numerous learning techniques.

However, what I didn’t understand was that with these great opportunities also comes great risk.. “Many of the typical illnesses found in daycare settings, including the common cold, stomach bugs, conjunctivitis (pink eye), and hand, foot and mouth disease, are caused by viruses. These bugs are easily spread through direct and indirect contact between toddlers in close proximity who are likely wiping their noses, sneezing and coughing, while sharing toys and food, hence daycare cleaning services play very important role for the safety of your kids.

This rang true as my son came back after the first week with a laundry list of ailments that he no doubt got from being in daycare. Let’s take a closer look as to what your cleaning company should be doing in order to limit your child’s exposure to these viruses and other germs.

Hire Professional Daycare Cleaning Service

Before hiring a cleaning company you should ask them if they currently or previously have had a daycare center as a client before. Reason being, these facilities require a different level of cleaning than an office and specific areas need to be focused on in order to reduce the spread of such germs. A proper team should have a schedule and clear scope of work laid before them in order to effectively combat the spread of these viruses and germs.

colored microfiber cloth systemAt Interworld Cleaning, we implement a multi colored microfiber cloth system which is great method to avoid cross contamination which is a major source of germ spreading. Furthermore, we comply with all OSHA regulations and are licensed, bonded and insured which is adds to our clout. We have spent countless hours training our professionals to focus on high-risk areas such as light switches, water fountains and door knobs, as these are a constant source of germ spreading.

Our crews approach the cleaning with a kid-friendly attitude and we avoid harsh chemicals which can leave residue or harmful odors behind.

Flooring is a major concern as the little ones often play on the ground or pick up toys of the ground to play with. We make sure that our crews are constantly using clean and sanitized water when mopping to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria. Kids regularly play on floor which is also the reason of passages of many viruses. So, floor cleaning services also should be done in daycares.


hepa filter vaccum cleaners

When it comes to vacuuming we use the HEPA filtered vacuums.
Is HEPA vacuum cleaner a useful tool for allergy and asthma sufferers?

The word “HEPA” stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air and in order for a filter to be rated as HEPA it must retain all particles .3 microns in size or larger at an efficiency level of 99.97%.” This aids greatly in the air quality that the children are surrounded in and can dramatically reduce the possibility of catching a cold or illness.

While these daily cleaning services seem mundane they are essential in providing your children with the cleanest and safest learning environment.


Call our well versed professionals for further insight on how to provide the proper cleaning schedule for your facility in order to provide the best environment possible for your students.

Daycare germs: What you need to know