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In pursuit of a better life, Asrorjon immigrated to the United States with just $200 in his pocket and a bag of torn cloth. Undeterred by the difficulties that awaited him, he found work as a cleaner. However, the harsh working conditions and lack of respect for cleaners motivated him to bring about a positive change in the industry.In 2009, Asrorjon took a leap of faith and founded Interworld Cleaning, a company that would revolutionize the cleaning industry. Guided by his mission to create a 3-win scenario for customers, cleaners, and the environment, he set out to provide top-notch cleaning services while fostering a supportive and respectful environment for his employees.Under his visionary leadership, Interworld Cleaning quickly flourished into a leading name in the cleaning business. Asrorjon's relentless pursuit of excellence and dedication to his team's well-being earned him the admiration and loyalty of both his employees and customers.Beyond his professional accomplishments, Asrorjon is an accomplished author, having written "The Immigrant's Companion," a book that encapsulates his extraordinary journey and serves as a beacon of hope for others facing adversity. He is also a recipient of the prestigious SBA award, which highlights his exceptional contributions to entrepreneurship and business growth.

The Art of Preparing Your Property for Post-Construction Cleaning: A Pre-Clean Checklist

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Emergency Cleaning Services: Quick Respond to Unexpected Spills, Accidents, or other Incidents

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