green sealcertifiedInterworld Cleaning provides professional commercial disinfection services to a broad range of businesses and organizations. Tailored to meet the specific needs of your business, Interworld Cleaning specializes in the disinfection of all types of porous and non-porous surfaces. In addition, we use Green Seal Certified products whenever possible to help protect your health and that of your staff. We avoid cross-contamination during deep commercial cleaning services. We use color-coded microfiber cloths.

Clients use our commercial disinfection services in a variety of places. We go to offices, warehouses, hospitals, and schools to name a few. Our professional disinfecting services are a good fit for high-traffic businesses. We will remove any trace of mold, fungus, and bacteria, along with germs that can spread the flu, colds, COVID-19, and other viruses. Contact us today for a free quote for a one-time deep cleaning. You can also ask about our repeat disinfecting services.

Commercial Disinfection Services Offered

At Interworld Commercial Cleaning Company we offer a wide range of commercial disinfecting services that cover all parts of the building from top to bottom. We can provide daily cleaning services and less frequent ones that ensure your business is thoroughly disinfected, including the machinery.

Some of the commercial disinfecting services we offer our clients are,

  • Carpet and Ceiling Disinfecting

The size of the area doesn’t matter. Our free quote will reflect the size of the space. Using only state-of-the-art equipment, we will professionally clean the carpet and the ceiling. After cleaning, we will apply a carpet sanitizer.

  • Kitchen and Bathroom Disinfection

Workplace kitchens and bathrooms are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. Our commercial disinfecting services will leave these areas fresh and clean. We use top-of-the-line equipment to thoroughly disinfect every surface.

  • Window Cleaning

Our window cleaning solutions are streak-free for a lasting shine. We will also clean and disinfect window sills and around the edges to ensure the health and safety of others in the building.

  • Pre/Post Construction Commercial Disinfection

Commercial properties frequently undergo renovations for various reasons. You may need a larger space or are having new equipment brought in. When old machinery is taken out this can leave a mess behind. Keeping the area clean and disinfected is paramount for the health of your employees. If you ask us, we will be there before the renovations start.

We often come in after the reno is done. If asked, we’ll apply disinfectants after we clean. On larger jobs, we can also come in during the renovations to clean and disinfect surfaces. We recommend this on larger construction projects that typically have more crew members. Disinfecting during the job will keep them healthy by minimizing the spread of germs. It also benefits the company’s reputation and reduces liability costs.

  • Moving In Disinfection Services

Our commercial disinfection services are ideal when you are moving into a new building. We will professionally clean and sanitize every surface ensuring it’s safe for you and your employees to move in.

These are only a few of the professional cleaning and disinfecting services we provide for our clients. You can get a complete list by contacting us today.

Our Commercial Disinfection Products

Not only do we thoroughly disinfect your business, but we will also lay down a protective barrier at your request. The technology works to prevent bacteria and viruses from growing on any surface for a period of 30 – 90 days. It adds another layer of protection for employees and visitors.

Peace of mind comes from knowing the building is professionally disinfected. It has the added bonus of boosting a company’s brand and reputation. Employees also have the desire to reciprocate when they know their health is important to upper-level management. They are more apt to follow safe and healthy guidelines. When this happens insurance claims are limited and this can improve a company’s bottom line.

Our commercial disinfection services use a cleaning compound known as QUAT (Quaternary Ammonium Compounds). It is a chemical disinfectant that effectively kills bacteria and viruses. QUAT is less toxic than some traditional cleaners like bleach. QUAT is also safe to use in homes, hospitals, factories, and any other type of building.

The chemical compound is safe to use, but only a professional commercial disinfection service should apply it. QUAT is a concentrated cleaner. However, when not used carefully it can cause skin or respiratory problems. Our team of professional cleaners is thoroughly trained and knows how to apply disinfectant.

There are several benefits to scheduling our disinfection services with QUAT that include the:

  • Kills airborne pathogens that can enter the airways.
  • It is mildew static and seeps deep into cracks and crevices to kill microbes.
  • QUAT is a three-in-one fungicidal, bactericidal, and virucidal. It can kill most types of viruses, including COVID-19.

We use QUAT SDS, and there are several scents to choose from that include among others, lemon, and pine.

Commercial Disinfecting with QUAT

At Interworld Cleaning, we use electrostatic spray and/or mister technology. The equipment we use depends on the project. It uniformly coats all surfaces with the disinfecting compound. The spray technology allows us to get into hard-to-reach places. It is a time-effective method that works best in medium-sized areas and gives you an all-over cleaning.

In areas and surfaces that are frequently touched, we use either misting or electrostatic spray equipment. Both are effective on surfaces like hand railings, drinking fountains, and doorknobs. Using misting equipment also allows us to reach deep corners and quickly cover large surfaces.

Once QUAT is applied, our professional team will let it sit for a few hours. When it’s time, using color-coded micro-fiber cloths we will wipe the surfaces down. When we have finished with the commercial disinfecting, the building will be safe for everyone to enter without worrying about their health.

Benefits of Choosing Interworld Cleaning Commercial Disinfecting Services

We specialize in providing commercial disinfecting services to all types and sizes of businesses. For our clients’ security, we have a multi-layered quality control system in place. It ensures we always provide impeccable service.

Your health is important to us, and this is why we use products that are safe and effective. We also offer barrier protection technology for added safety. It can prevent microbes from sticking to surfaces after commercial disinfecting for up to three months. It helps to keep everyone in the building safe and healthy.

Our clients choose when we come in to provide commercial disinfection services. Our goal is to provide exceptional service that won’t disrupt our clients’ daily operations. Open 24/7 for our customer’s convenience, we will customize any of our disinfecting services to meet the specific needs of your business.

You can choose from flexible contracts that run month-to-month or pick one that has us providing service two or three times a year. However, if you only need one-time commercial cleaning services, we will provide that as well. At Interworld Commercial Cleaning our goal is to leave our customers with a safe and healthy environment.

We offer a 100% price match guarantee that includes your complete satisfaction. We are:

risk free

  • Rated on Angie’s List
  • GCA Registered
  • Maryland Green Registry Member
  • Licensed, bonded, and insured

Learn More About Our Commercial Disinfecting Services

The emergence of the coronavirus is making businesses rethink how they keep their buildings clean. Along with making it safe for employees to return. Companies must be proactive in their approach, and one of the best methods is to use commercial disinfecting services.

Therefore, using EPA-certified products to kill all types of microbes on any surface will reduce the health risks for employees and visitors.

We are professional and well-trained. We regularly use eco-friendly products whenever applicable. When finished, your building will be free from germs, viruses, and harmful bacteria. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and will customize a plan to meet your unique needs.

Contact us soon to learn more about our services and get a free accurate quote. Schedule your commercial disinfection services today, and we will work within your time frame.