The importance of post-construction cleaning is undeniable. Post-construction cleaning services aim to transform a newly built or renovated space into a functional and presentable environment. First impressions go a long way, by delivering a project in a clean and organized state you can ensure satisfaction with the final state of the space.

A post-construction cleaning service doesn’t take up too much of your time but it will even take less time if you prepare and plan for it. This preparation also prevents miscommunication and misalignment of expectations. These simple post-construction cleaning tips should aid you in avoiding such mistakes and saving some time in the process.

1. List Your Expectations

Create a short list of your expectations, and share it with the cleaning team. By communicating your expectations and your specific demands you can avoid unnecessary complications. List every single task you require like removing debris or cleaning windows. If part of your space needs to be in a usable state in a short amount of time, it should be listed as a concern and the cleaners should be notified about it. Listing out and explaining your needs in such a manner is an easy way to avoid miscommunication. When you are on a strict schedule the last thing you need is a simple mistake costing an extra day or two.

2. Using The Correct Equipment

Attempting to perform post-construction cleanup yourself, is not advised but if you do decide DIY is the best solution for you, using the necessary equipment is quite vital. Normal household equipment may not suffice. For example, some of the debris in construction sites is more than a normal vacuum can handle. Attempting to clean up the site with your household equipment may lead to serious damage to the vacuum. 

Another reason to avoid using household cleaning equipment is time and efficiency. Industrial machines are made to be tougher and more suitable for this kind of use. They are made with such applications in mind therefore, aside from generally being more powerful than consumer equipment, there are measures in place to further enhance their efficiency. Using the appropriate tools not only speeds up the cleaning process but also ensures that surfaces are cleaned to a higher standard. A commercial cleaning company has the correct equipment and the expertise to use them, which is why opting for professional cleaners is recommended.

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3. DIY Post-Construction Cleaning

Although post-construction cleaning is a hard task that should be left to the professionals, it isn’t always worth it to go to the professionals. For smaller areas or minor construction, scheduling an appointment would probably take more time than cleaning up yourself. If you do decide to take on this challenge some simple mistakes could cost a lot of time and effort, here are a couple of simple tips that should aid you in avoiding such mistakes.

Cleaning From Top To Bottom

Whenever you are cleaning a large space it is important to clean the higher areas first. If there is anything that should be cleaned on the ceiling or high up on the walls it should be cleaned first. If you clean the areas closer to the ground first, any dust removed from the higher areas will fall on the already-cleaned surfaces below, re-contaminating them.

Dry To Wet Cleaning

Start with dry cleaning tasks like dusting or sweeping before moving on to wet cleaning tasks like mopping, washing, or using anything that contains liquids. Even when you are simply wiping a surface with a lot of dust on it, it is always better to remove as much dust as you can without any liquids, and then use a damp cloth to clean the surface completely.

Focus On One Area

Don’t go to the next room if you haven’t completely finished the last room. Instead of trying to slowly clean all of the space at once, divide it into smaller sections and completely clean them one by one. This approach maintains a clear view of progress, also by dividing the work into sections it can become less overwhelming.

post-construction cleaning tips

4. Waste Management

Construction sites generate a significant amount of waste, and construction cleanup is no different. The more there is to clean the more waste there is. If you have a large space you need to think of how to manage the waste that is going to be produced. If waste piles up and isn’t managed properly it can be a massive problem as it slows down the cleaning process. A pile-up of garbage is also a health risk to everybody involved in the process. Efficient waste management not only speeds up the cleaning process it also creates a safer environment for the cleaning crew.

Segregate Waste

Separate waste into categories such as recyclables, hazardous materials, and general waste. This makes disposal easier and more environmentally friendly.

Quick Removal of Large Debris

Remove large debris and bulky items first to clear space for detailed cleaning. Renting a dumpster or coordinating with a waste removal service can be a big help.

Regular Waste Collection

Schedule regular waste collection during the cleaning process to keep the site clear and reduce the amount of waste that accumulates.

5. Detail Comes Last

While most professional cleaners already know and understand that detailing comes last, it doesn’t hurt to add this to your instructions. It is essential to ensure every corner, every nook and cranny is completely clean this detailing can slow down the cleaning process if it is done too early. Broader and simpler cleaning tasks should take priority over intricate detailing.

The Initial Sweep

The cleaning process should start with a broad sweep, removing large debris and dust. Just this simple sweep can make a big difference to the overall appearance of the space.

The Follow Up

After doing a broad general sweep comes a more focused sweep. This includes wiping surfaces, vacuuming, cleaning windows, and paying attention to smaller details.

The Final Touch

After the space is completely clean it’s time to focus on the details, like polishing fixtures or deep cleaning certain areas. If you focus on these details too early in the process they will need to be redone as other debris or dust from other surfaces that aren’t completely clean may re-contaminate these surfaces.

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Post-construction cleaning is a hard task but one that cannot be ignored. Even small renovations require some cleanup afterwards. Don’t doubt it, if you are asking yourself “Do I need the help of a commercial cleaning service?” you probably do. the more time you spend considering the matter, the later it is going to be resolved. Unless you are working with a very small space a commercial cleaning service with a team of experienced commercial cleaners, will provide you with unmatched benefits. An experienced commercial cleaning company knows the ins and outs, pitfalls, and mistakes that hinder a cleanup process. We have more than 15 years of experience and our team of commercial cleaners has the expertise to back it up. If you are in the middle of a construction project, it is the perfect time to schedule a post-construction cleaning service to get your space ready for use, as soon as possible. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.