The standard for hygiene has risen to a new level. With a global pandemic behind us, the standards for cleanliness and hygiene are at an all-time high. Much of what we deemed normal on the day-to-day feels different now, this shift in perspective is not a bad thing whatsoever but it shows how our standards have changed. With this sudden change comes a new demand for cleaning, and especially disinfection services. The problem is fitting this new cost into your budget, when running a business unnecessary costs need to be cut down in favor of efficiency, but disinfection services cannot be dismissed as an unnecessary cost. The dismissal of disinfection services stems from a lack of knowledge about what they are and what they prevent.

The Scope Of Disinfection Services

Disinfection services involve more than just wiping surfaces with a sanitizing solution. Our commercial cleaning services are the be-all, end-all solution to preventing bacterial growth and stopping the spread of microbes. 

Assessment and Planning

Before any disinfection is done a plan needs to be selected, a plan that covers your needs and fits into your budget. Our experts will need to evaluate the size of your space and any additional factors and information to give you an accurate estimate before you commit to anything.

Equipment and Supplies

We use the best products and equipment in business. We use environmentally safe cleaning products that are not harmful to animals, plants, or humans. These chemicals are much more greener than the average consumer-grade cleaning product. Our top-of-the-line equipment will make quick work of any microbes and bacteria in your space. Such equipment is useless unless it’s in the hands of a professional cleaner.

Trained Personnel

An effective disinfection job is not fit for a newcomer. We have more than 15 years of experience working in this field. Our team of professional cleaners has dealt with every possible situation. They are experts at their jobs and understand the importance of their tasks. This team of commercial cleaners will ensure your space is safe, clean, and hygienic.

Compliance and Regulations

Compliance with regulatory standards and guidelines is essential in the cleaning industry, especially when dealing with disinfection. Cleaning services must stay aware of evolving regulations from health authorities and government agencies, which may entail additional training and certification requirements.

Disinfection Services Cost


A disinfection service ensures a clean, hygienic, and healthy work environment. The biggest cost of ignoring and dismissing this issue is health. Nothing is as valuable as you and your employees’ health. Creating a safe, clean, and healthy environment for your employees results in a trusting relationship. Not providing a clean workplace may result in fines or more extreme outcomes like lawsuits and OSHA repercussions.


A disinfection service requires a myriad of cleaning solutions and equipment, which may not be fully available to the public. Such limitations make a DIY solution impossible. Not to mention that the process may take a long time if you don’t have the correct tools for the job. Usually, a disinfection job only takes about an hour but, if you decide to do it yourself and you aren’t equipped with the right tools it may take much longer.


The actual cost of a disinfection service depends on many factors including frequency, size, and most importantly your budget. A plan can be crafted just for you to fit your budget. You can contact us today for a free estimate.

Disinfection Services Cost

What Influences The Cost Of A Disinfection Service?

Several factors are at play regarding the cost of a disinfection job. These factors can greatly influence how much a disinfection service is going to cost, by understanding these factors you can better allocate your budget.

Size and Complexity

The biggest factor is the size and complexity of your space. A bigger space will require more resources and more cleaners and therefore a higher cost. The shape and complexity of your space can impact the cost and time as well. If your space is filled with sensitive objects they will need to be cleared away or covered up to ensure no damage is done.

Frequency of Service

The frequency at which disinfection services are performed greatly affects the overall cost as well. Some clients may require one-time disinfection for a specific event or emergency, while others may opt for regular, scheduled disinfection as part of their maintenance routine. Recurring contracts offer cost-saving measures in the long run while one-time services come at a higher cost.

Level of Contamination

If a space hasn’t been cleaned for a long time or it is a high-risk area that is contaminated, it will need more attention. To ensure such a high-risk area is clean more cleaning solution and time is required which results in a higher cost. To avoid such situations in the future, we recommend a regular disinfection contract with a commercial cleaning company.

Additional Services

Additional services alongside disinfection, such as deep cleaning or mold remediation come at an additional cost. Mold is a coming problem in Baltimore, a problem our experts know how to deal with. Our team of professional cleaners will remove such mold and other bacterial growth, but such services will add a small additional fee to the overall cost.

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Disinfection services have become part of the new standard in hygiene. Do not allow microbes and bacteria to fester and grow in your space. The cost of these services is nothing in comparison to the damage microbes can cause. As a commercial cleaning company, we have seen what can happen if such issues get dismissed and ignored.

We offer you the best disinfection services in Baltimore, MD. Our commercial cleaning services are the best in the business, contact us for a team of commercial cleaners that will leave your space cleaner than it has ever been.

Disinfection Services Cost Baltimore, MD

Frequently Asked Questions

Trained personnel are essential because an effective disinfection job requires expertise and experience. Our team has over 15 years of experience and can handle various situations, ensuring your space is safe and hygienic.

Yes, disinfection services can be customized to fit your budget. Our experts will evaluate your space and needs to provide an accurate estimate and create a plan that works for you, ensuring affordability without compromising quality.

Disinfection services must comply with evolving regulatory standards and guidelines from health authorities and government agencies. This includes additional training and certification to ensure safe and effective cleaning practices.