Hard Floor Care – Maintenance of Marble Floors

marble-floorIn general, a marble floor requires little maintenance. While neglect will spoil its appearance, it will not normally impair its serviceability. When properly maintained, it is doubtful whether marble floors can be excelled by any other type for brilliance and timeless beauty.

Routine maintenance should be carried out with a solution of neutral detergent in water. Floor cleaning equipment should include mopping equipment or a floor polishing/scrubbing machine. If a machine is used, the pads should be of the synthetic type and not metal fiber, as splinters may detach and cause rust marks to appear on the surface of the marble floor.

Although permanent seals will protect a marble floor very adequately, there are several problems associated with permanent sealing. Many times the permanent seal will show a traffic pattern which is not easy to repair. Discoloration may occur, and the removal of the seal to correct the appearance is a costly, time-consuming job. The stripper will have to be a point and varnish remover or another strong chemical. The chemicals plus required agitation can result in serious damage to the once beautiful floor

A better approach to maintaining marble floors is to use a program similar to that followed for regular tile floors.

For stripping, a conventional stripper is the product of choice. Any pads used for stripping should be gentle scrubbing pads. The black pad normally used for stripping could possibly scratch the marble surface.

Although not required, a sealer may be applied to protect the grout. The surface may then be finished with an acrylic polymer metal-linked polish. If your janitorial equipment includes a team of easily-applied products, you will save time, and when the floor finish is buffed/burnished, the maximum beauty of the marble floor will be there to enjoy.

For daily maintenance, a neutral type cleaner should be used on the finish or the marble itself.

A polished marble floor can be beautiful and enduring, but only with proper care and maintenance procedures.

SOURCE: MonsterJanitorial.Com