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Declutter and delight this November

a m2022-11-26T08:11:15+00:00Newsletter|

The stats on clutter describe how decluttering can delight. Clutter causes people to be late for appointments, miss their flights, causes a tripping hazard and decluttering promotes a healthier space, especially in the kitchen with food preparation.  The benefits of decluttering are well known.  Clutter takes up space in our homes, offices and warehouses, as well as in our brains. According to a study, the visual stimuli it causes makes it difficult to focus and process information.   In an argument for minimalism, The National [...]

Celebrating Our Communities

kodrant2022-06-23T12:45:06+00:00Articles, Newsletter|

As we celebrate Memorial Day this month, we should too celebrate our communities and the freedoms we have. At Interworld, the communities of Maryland are important to us and it’s just in our DNA to offer them the best service possible. We serve the community with pride and place great value on ensuring the cleanliness of businesses and homes throughout the area. So important is cleanliness and community involvement to us, that we compiled a list of what we can all do [...]

A Greener Tomorrow

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We have one world to live in, our shared home, and we need to do everything we can to protect it. With Earth day this past week, it's a great time to reflect on what each of us can do to protect the environment. At Interworld, the environment is close to our hearts, so we have compiled a list of what you can do around the house and office to celebrate this earth day and make sure you are doing your bit [...]

Spring Is In The Air

kodrant2022-06-24T11:32:05+00:00Articles, Newsletter|

It's time to shake off the winter cobwebs and prepare for a sunny summer, with a thorough spring cleaning to leave your space sparkly and healthy. As is the tradition, the whole house is scoured, no inch is spared, everything is cleaned - it’s up to you how far you want to take it, but it's a great idea to get stuck in! There's nothing better than a clean space to live or work in, the feeling of satisfaction when you know [...]

Your One Stop Cleaning Shop

kodrant2022-06-24T11:33:16+00:00Articles, Newsletter|

From a once-off COVID-beating disinfection in your home to a regular cleaning schedule for your warehouse or office - we know cleaning and can make sure your facility or home is healthy, safe and clean. Hey, we can even do your light maintenance work and are MHIC (Maryland Home Improvement Commission) licensed. And what's even better is we do it all with the highest ethical standards, making sure to use green products and give back to the local and global communities. What’s [...]

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