Love is in the air

Love is in the air and we would like to celebrate the day of love by wishing all our clients a Happy Valentine’s day – we hope love finds you wherever you are!  Considering there is so much love in the air this time of year, we think a great topic to dive deep into this month is the cleanliness of our air.  There is so much we can each do to improve the quality of the air in our homes, offices, and warehouses.  One of the most enjoyable ways of keeping the air clean is by simply planting some plants!

Plants for pure air

Air purifiers are an excellent way to clean the air inside, but even better is keeping some inside plants to do the job for you!  Plants are wonderful air purifiers and it all works because, through photosynthesis, they convert Carbon Monoxide to Oxygen and remove toxins from the air.  Surprisingly a lot of plants that are commonly known are amongst the best air purifiers.  Here is a list of the top-performing ones according to NASA. They include the Peace LilyAloe VeraChrysanthemumNative plants are an even better idea, and the Boston Fern is amongst the best of them when it comes to air purification. Native to Florida, the Boston Fern is great for removing formaldehyde, xylene, toluene, and airborne germs, molds, and bacteria from the indoor air.  Diversity is a good idea as different species remove different kinds of toxins.

Boston Fer

The Boston Fern

There are a few companies around Baltimore that can supply and keep plants for your office.  Here’s a great one that lists many advantages to keeping plants in your office.  Along with cleaner air, they cite boosted productivity and employee well-being as additional benefits.  What’s really interesting is that they remove toxins from the air caused by routine activities in our offices and warehouses, like toxins from printer ink in an office and many of the toxins generated from manufacturing in factories. 

If you want to DIY it for your home, office, or warehouse, here is a list of household plant shops in Baltimore.  Remember, native plants are that much better and this nursery specializes in native plants and will even grow a certain type of native plant on request.

In addition to keeping indoor plants, there are a host of outdoor plants that play an important role in air purification. 

According to Green America, for the outdoors, you want to be particularly careful that you plant native plants. 

This is a great resource to help: The National Wildlife Foundation’s native plant database:

Planting air-purifying outdoor plants help clean indoor air too, planting trees between your home and the road can reduce indoor particulate matter by half.  Some great options are:

Eastern red cedar, Red maple, American elm, or White poplar. 

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