Merry Christmas

From all of us here at Interworld, we would like to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas! Thank you for your support this year and here’s wishing you a prosperous 2023!

Christmas is a very special time of year when we give each other gifts, enjoy delicious family meals together, and get jolly! If you have not done your Christmas gift shopping yet and are struggling with gift ideas we have your back. We have created a list of gift ideas, especially for you!

Last minute gift idea
  • DIY Gifts – Making something for someone special has so much more meaning than purchasing a gift. Apparently, DIY gifts are on trend! Have a look here for some great ideas to make your own gifts. The possibilities are endless, you can find something to make that your loved one will treasure. Here are some more ideas in slideshow format. Get crafty this Christmas! 
  • Your time or an activity – There are loads of Christmas-themed events around Baltimore that you could enjoy together, take a look at this list, or you could offer to help out lift the kids, babysit on date night or host a games night where you can all have a good laugh together. Here is a list of board games we love and know. 
  • Charitable gifts – Giving to your friend’s favorite charity or to gifts that give are a feel-goody way to celebrate Christmas. eBay gives you the opportunity to donate to a charity with your purchase, here is a list of companies that plant a tree for every purchase and this is an amazing list of companies that give to great causes when you purchase. 
  • Your Talent – If there is something you are particularly talented at why not put it to good use this Christmas. Once you have brushed up on your talent, you may end up making some money out of it! 
  • If you are on your own this Christmas, you don’t have to feel lonely. There are loads of ways you can still celebrate Christmas. The vulnerable need your help. 

Santa’s elves have thought of everything, so if you don’t already have tags for the gifts you will hand out on Christmas, we have made some for you! Download your Interworld gift tags to tag your gifts here (you want the right person to get the right gift, right?)

Interworld December Newsletter

Here at Interworld we value our employees and are delighted to announce that the following treasured Interworld family members have all been with us for 3 years this month. Thank you, Ricardo Banegas, Vilma Hercules/Pena, Miriam, Fajardo Moran & Wilmer/Alex Pena for your valued service and for everything you do for us. Happy work anniversary and here’s to many more years together!

December newsletter

If none of these gifting ideas work for you and you would rather give the gift of health and hygiene to your loved ones, get in touch and give them a professional cleaning service for their home or office this Christmas:

Or take it one step further and gift yourself AND your loved ones this Christmas, with our Free Cleaning Referral offer.

Refer a friend and receive up to 3 hours of free house cleaning from us! They will get 10% off their first-month bill and you will get up to 3 hours’ worth of free cleaning in your residence.

What’s not to love?

December newsletter