Hey there! As we say goodbye to 2023 and getting ready for a brand-new year, 2024! Our newsletter for December-January is full of cool cleaning tips, awesome deals, and a big thank you for being part of our cleaning family. Let’s make 2024 a year of starting fresh and having super clean spaces!

Thinking about 2023:
• Thanks a Ton: We want to say a really big thank you to each of you as we finish up the year. Your trust has made 2023 a fantastic journey. Thanks for letting us be part of keeping your spaces clean and organized.

• Clean Checklist: Before all the celebrations, check out our blog for a handy list to clean up before the new year. Make sure your space is all ready for the new year with a fresh and clean feel.

Let’s also give a big belated shout-out to our awesome peeps who celebrated their birthday in the last month the year!

January Newsletter

Belated Happy Birthday!
• Moyrah Stevenson on Dec 7th
• Latrice Wilson on Dec 23rd
Let’s send them some belated birthday wishes and make sure they feel the love!

Looking forward to 2024:
• Brand-New Clean Year: Start 2024 with a super clean slate! Our team is all set to help you tidy up, sanitize, and organize your home or office. Book your January cleaning now to make sure you start the year feeling fresh and inspired.

• Clean Resolutions: Think about making some cleaning goals for the new year. Whether it’s keeping your home clutter-free or making a regular cleaning plan, we’re here to help you reach your cleaning goals.

As we step into 2024, it’s not just about resolutions; it’s also about celebrating the incredible milestones within our InterWorld Cleaning Services family. Let’s raise a cheer for our fantastic colleagues marking their work anniversaries this month!

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Check Out Our Cleaning Tips:
Here’s a video for essential cleaning pro tips and must-knows!

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Wishing you a joyful end to 2023 and a sparkling start to 2024! Thank you for being a part of the Interworld Cleaning Services Community!

Cheers to 5 incredible years of teamwork, growth, and success for Miriam
Fajardo Moran

Celebrating 6 amazing years and counting with dedication, teamwork and learning for Ricardo Banegas
Thank you for working so hard. Let’s take this moment to celebrate your awesome journey! Happy work anniversary!
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