Dear Friends and Supporters,
As February comes to a close, we’re excited to share some last-minute updates, celebrations, and exciting news from the Interworld Cleaning family!

Welcoming New Accounts!
Celebrate with us as Games and Stuff, our latest addition, marks their grand opening! They joined us in November last year and have an incredible range of products. Explore their offerings at Games and Stuff Online!

Warm Wishes!
Let’s send warm wishes to Dalia Martinez, who celebrates her birthday on February 26th! Dalia, we hope your day was filled with joy and laughter!

We are celebrating another year with NAACCC. The Northern Anne Arundel County Chamber of Commerce promotes a favorable business climate for our membership by providing legislative and business advocacy, professional education programs, and networking opportunities designed to help develop a wealth of contacts and resources to help businesses grow and expand. The Chamber celebrates 77 years in business.
Shout-Out to The Central Maryland Chamber of Commerce! We’re still buzzing with excitement as we proudly announce that we have expanded our Network and joined the Central Maryland Chamber of Commerce, spanning Anne Arundel, Howard, and Prince George’s counties.
Our association has proven invaluable, providing key connections and opportunities. Attend dynamic chamber events to forge crucial business relationships and discover sponsorship options for heightened community visibility. Engage in numerous ways – connect, learn, and find inspiration for business growth. The Central Maryland Chamber, where collaboration and community fuel success!
Wanna learn more, visit their website at or reach out to schedule an in-person or phone appointment with Jennifer Van Beckum, Director of Membership at 410-672-3422. You can also send her an email at [email protected] Spring Cleaning and Explore These Key Points for a Fresh Start: 💐
As we eagerly await the arrival of spring, we share our last-minute organizing tips. Let’s inspire each other to make the most of the final days of February in preparing for a fresh and organized space.
1. Decluttering Magic: Share your top decluttering methods, from finding joy a la Marie Kondo to practical tips for simplifying your space.
2. Spring Cleaning Hacks: Swap efficient and enjoyable spring cleaning hacks – from natural solutions to time-saving strategies, let’s up our cleaning game.
3. Personalize Your Space: Turn your space into a sanctuary! Discuss how you add your touch through decor, colors, and personal elements.
4. Sustainable Cleaning: Dive into eco-friendly practices for a healthier home and planet. Share green cleaning products and DIY recipes.
5. Digital Decluttering: Extend the cleanup to your digital world! Swap tips for organizing files, decluttering inboxes, and maintaining an online harmony.
6. Before-and-After Inspo: Inspire with before-and-after photos of your organized spaces. Your transformations might be the spark someone needs for their own journey.
Thank You for Your Support!
A big thank you to everyone who left us positive Google reviews this month. Your feedback means the world to us, and we appreciate your ongoing support.

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