restaurant clean

When you go into a restaurant of your choice the experience is usually based on three different aspects – 1. Food 2. Service 3. Cleanliness. If a restaurant isn’t clean on the outside where you eat I can only imagine what those hidden corners of the kitchen look like!

Deep cleaning a restaurant is a task that many managers will have their employees do as opposed to having a professional cleaning crew in order to save money.

I personally have worked in the restaurant business and am experienced with the late night or day off cleans that are required. Although this may save the business some money it is not the best solution. Besides irritating your staff by making them work on their time off – can you trust that it will achieve the level of cleanliness you desire?

Bring in a specialized crew!

cleaning crew

Bringing in a specialized crew which cleans kitchens and equipment, such as our highly experienced crews, gives you a reassurance that all heath codes and regulations will be met in case of inspection. As well as giving you and your staff a sense of pride with a clean kitchen and motivation to keep it up to that standard.

Utilizing hot steam power washers we inject sanitizers and disinfectants into them – then fused with the steam they kill any organic organzim in the kitchen area. The scraping of grease off walls and appliances requires other special chemicals and tools which if you are not experienced in handling can cause irritations and other health hazards as well as a permanent damage to the surfaces it is applied on incorrectly.

I have been on kitchen cleans when our crews were cleaning and the fumes and odors that are released from certain chemicals can be intense and if not properly vented can cause light headedness, skin and/or eye irritations or other health concerns. You should always wear proper gear for work which in some cases may include glasses, breathing masks & head covers. Some of the chemicals have stern warnings and should not be taken lightly.

You need people who will know how to effectively clean problem areas and furthermore, where to look for those areas. Not every staff member will take the time to truly clean the keg refrigerator which is a breeding ground for bacterias or to remember to properly clean the drains to kill fruit fly eggs. These powerful commercial grade cleaners and degreasers should be handled by professionals.

Do you want to expose your employees to those level of chemicals? Reduce the risk of unhealthy or unhappy employees but letting us take care of your restaurant while making you more money as clients will be coming back to a clean place which serves delicious food and provides outstanding customer service.

The kitchen is an entity on its’ own – now let us examine the area where we dine and spend our time in! The front of the house has its’ own problems and trouble areas to clean as well!. Any food left on the floor or tucked into a seat over night is an invitation for unwanted bugs and/or critters. This can be the downfall of any restaurant!

Restaurants and bars have high volume bathrooms which get dirty very fast and are impossible to keep clean unless you clean them daily with proper products and tactics. You must clean the entire area in order to remove the smells and if your floor has grout which is porous a special products must be used in order to remove the smells. Paying attention to these details may be the reason that your business can thrive and succeed.

risk freeWhy leave this up to your staff when we are the professionals with the knowledge and experience to get your restaurant clean the way it should be! Let us clean and keep your staff and patrons happy and coming back!