There are plenty of things that create a real mess around the kitchen and elsewhere – burgers, pizza, and many other foods. Although you may not always see how it happens, the end result is always the same – you have to do a fair amount of cleaning to ensure things look right. Unfortunately, water can’t solve this problem on its own, as we need to do proper sanitation after we are done cleaning. The following tips aim to give you some tools against grease, and they are all non-toxic and safe at that.

What are the best ways to remove grease ?

What are the best ways to remove grease?

Let’s begin with the first one:

  • Using flour

You’re probably thinking: “Why would I want to make a bigger mess by using flour?”. The answer is rather simple – absorbency. Thanks to its qualities, you can safely use flour to lift and wipe away grease as soon as it hits the spot where it fell. The key to this is to act fast however, just sprinkle it on top and wipe it off as soon as you’re sure it has cooled off. Remember – this doesn’t work on old greasy spots, however.

  • Using water and baking soda paste

Now, we use baking soda in many types of food, so this makes it largely non-toxic and safe for more than just cooking. If you mix it with a bit of water and make a paste with it, you can remove spots and stains from your countertops, tarnish from your copper plates or surfaces, and more. Since baking soda has alkaline properties, this makes it perfect for dissolving and destroying grease. Also, thanks to its mild nature it will be easy on the surfaces you’re dealing with. Scrub away and don’t think twice when you encounter a stain somewhere.

  • Using regular dish soap

Another thing we often use is of course dish soap, however here we will cover spots on your clothes as a result of cooking. If you want to throw the affected clothes in the washing machine, you can do a quick fix by soaking them in soapy water for about half an hour, then washing them anyway. For even better results, you can squirt some of it on the spot. Dish soap is a very powerful grease fighter, so this will work very well if you want to use it.

  • Using rubbing alcohol and salt

There are other surfaces grease may fall upon apart from washable clothes, such as chair cushions, your couch, and so forth. In cases like these, you may want to find a different solution and this is where these two come in. Mix salt and rubbing alcohol in a 1:4 ratio and use that solution to rub into the spot until things are better. When the grease disappears, you can just vacuum up whatever salt remains until things are clean again.

how to remove grease from clothes?

  • Using vinegar

Because of its acidic properties, vinegar is an excellent grease cutter. Simply spray it on the spots in your oven or other locations, let it work, and then wipe it off. Although it may not be as alkaline as other cleaning materials, it is also pretty good at cleaning grease.

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