spring cleaning home

It’s almost that time to open the windows up and invite the fresh air into your home! As the saying goes and my mother used to say “ It’s time for spring cleaning! “ This entails getting your old clothes on and getting ready to get a little dirty!! But let’s get to it!

One of the very first steps in the process is to get cleaning supplies – a recommendation from us would be to buy a variety of multi-colored microfiber towels. The reason behind this is to avoid cross-contamination between the various areas of cleaning. Let’s say you buy 4 different colors- you can use one for the bathrooms, one for the kitchen, one for dusting, and the other for miscellaneous. By doing this you avoid spreading kitchen germs into the den or bathroom germs into your bedroom.

Some areas which should be wiped but often get overlooked are areas such as door handles, light switches, the kitchen sponge, faucets, remote controls, sinks, and garbage disposals – which are one of the dirtiest areas in the home. A hint – drop half a lemon in the disposal for a lasting spring fresh scent.

There are a variety of products on the market, in fact, it’s a bit overwhelming in choosing the one which works best for you.

spring cleaning chemicalsHere are a few things to consider when selecting products –

  1. Performance – will you pay more if a product works better than others
  2. Ease of use – cleaning wipes are winners here
  3. Cost-effectiveness – you may not need the most costly if a cheaper product performs at the level your desiring
  4. Environmental Awareness – which products leave a footprint?

These are just a few things to consider when getting ready for your residential or office cleaning services.

Spring cleaning makes for a happy home but doesn’t forget about other less common but equally important areas which will require cleaning after the winter – such as floors and carpets. A good deep clean of the carpets and scrubbing and waxing of the wood floors would be a good way to get ready for the summer.

This is also a good time to prepare for the rainy months ahead to avoid mildew and such. Cleaning out the gutters from the winter debris is crucial to avoid the potential of a leak also, check around the doors and window for cracks that water could seep into. Now is also a good time to rinse out those trash cans and wash off your outside furniture!

No matter how you go about your spring cleaning it’s a good philosophy to get it done! Why not embrace the new season with a fresh home!! Enjoy!