recurring house cleaning calendarGrowing up in a house with two older brothers and a sister who all played sports, and with parents that worked full time, my parents weren’t left much choice then to get a recurring house cleaning every couple of weeks. Not for the prestige of it but for the necessity! There wasn’t enough time in the day for all nooks and corners to get cleaned and with four teenagers there was always a spill or cleanup that got overlooked. In this case, residential cleaning is the best option to get rid of all problems.

Now that I am in the cleaning business I am a believer in recurring cleaning but let’s take a serious look as to the pro’s and con’s of hiring a recurring cleaning company.

Recurring House Cleaning PROS

Life gets busy and we all live hectic lives and unfortunately cleaning is something that often gets overlooked but with a recurring cleaning you can rest assured that on that scheduled day the house will be clean upon your arrival home. That is a tremendous feeling! I can remember coming home from practice and not remembering that Debbie (our cleaner for 20 years) was there that day and going into my room which was clean, bed made and vacuum lines on the floor. It put smile on my face.

professional recurring cleanerOften times companies offer an initial deep clean in order to get the house up the level of cleanliness in which they desire to be their par. Then a strategic plan on which areas to clean on a rotating time frame is implemented this way the baseboards, light fixtures and other tough areas to reach like ceiling cleaning are cleaned on a regular basis.

When you hire a company they are professionals and will have the proper chemicals, equipment and knowledge to get the job done properly and efficiently. Maintaining a clean house also helps in ways that you may not even realize – your health! By knowing where to look for and clean such things as mold and bacterias your cleaning company is improving the air your loved ones are breathing. This will also eliminate the chances that bugs, pests and other allergens invade your home which gives you peace of mind.

Having a recurring cleaning company on hand also gives you the flexibility to change dates or add a special occasion or holiday cleaning into the mix. Perhaps the strongest point in the discussion is fact that having a recurring cleaning give you free time and eliminates the stress of having to clean yourself.

All these points offer a strong case as to why you should have a recurring cleaning of your house and the benefits it has to offer!

Recurring House Cleaning CONS

Naturally in any debate there are con’s which try to outweigh the pro’s and sway your opinion! Let’s delve into the con’s of having a recurring house clean.

diy house cleaningThe one that we hear often is that the cleaners aren’t doing what the homeowner thought they were going to do. You shouldn’t assume that people know exactly what you want so it is suggested that you create a scope of work specific to your home and your needs. This will ensure the cleaners do what you are expecting and also holds them accountable if things get overlooked. Often, homeowners have expectations that are not unrealistic but hard to attain and aren’t pleased if things aren’t too their liking.

“ I could have done better “ is a quote we have heard before and then having to pay for something that you are not pleased with is a situation no one enjoys being in. Cleaners come with their own methods which may not be be how you think it should be done thus any missteps can result in your displeasure with the results. However, at the end of the day you have to consider the time and energy you are saving by having the cleaners there and the piece of mind it offers.

The price, despite often being perceived as high, takes into consideration your personal and family time it frees up.

Now, the biggest concern that is brought to attention regularly is the revolving door of cleaners that are often coming through your home. This is a valid concern and in this business the turnover rate can be high and this will breed trust issues. We understand this and suggest that once you find a company you trust ask to have the same person clean your home every time so that way you can build a relationship with them that can hopefully last for years to come.

high standard

In making any decision evaluating the pro’s and con’s is essential in making the decision that best suits your needs. Please call us to set a time to meet your future cleaner and let us explain all the positives that this decision will make!