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There’s nothing more satisfying after a warehouse cleaning than seeing those bright and shiny floors. After a floor stripping and waxing, these floors look so clean you might actually consider eating off them.

A good floor stripping and waxing will leave your floors looking shiny and new, but if you want to retain that luster between visits from a professional cleaning service in Maryland, then you need to do a little maintenance yourself. Check out our guide to taking care of floors after stripping and waxing.

Daily Dust Mopping

In warehouses and offices, dust creeps in every day. When you have a delivery, dirt comes in on boxes and on the bottoms of shoes. Your professional cleaning company in Maryland can take care of this dust on your floors when they visit, but in between visits, you need to be ready to take on the dust and dirt yourself.

At the end of each day, run a dust mop across your floors. These light mops are easy to push around, and they catch all the loose dirt in hard-to-reach places, such as in corners and under shelves. Do this once a day and you’ll see that shine from the floor stripping and waxing last a little longer.

In high-traffic areas around your warehouse or office, you might want to sweep twice a day or even more. Your commercial cleaning service in Maryland will be able to advise you on which areas need more attention. If you don’t have a dust mop, you can also vacuum. They’re a little bulkier, but they work just as well.


Even if you dust mop every day, your floor will lose that shine after a while. To help it stay shiny, consider buffering with a spray buffer.

A spray buffer has strong pads on its bottom. Before using, spray the floors with a cleaning solution. As the machine moves over the solution, it buffers the solution into the floor, getting rid of scuff marks and other floor abrasions. Buffing should be done after dust mopping several times a week depending on your needs.

Spray buffers come in all shapes and sizes. If you need assistance, contact your commercial cleaning service in Maryland.

Lay Down Mats

One of the easiest ways to trap dirt and prevent scuff marks in between floor stripping and waxing is to lay down floor mats around your warehouse or office. It makes sense if you think about it. The fewer people walk on your floors, the less dirty they will become.

Of course, you can’t lay rugs down on every exposed part of the floor, but you can be strategic about where you lay them down. For example, all entrances should have a mat placed in front of them. This will encourage people to wipe their feet as they’re entering your building, and the mat’s fibers will knock off dirt and debris even if they don’t take a minute to wipe their feet.


After you’ve had a warehouse cleaning and a floor stripping and waxing, you still need to keep up your cleaning regimen. Tell us, how will you maintain your warehouse’s cleanliness after your professional cleaning service in Maryland has left?