Hospital cleaning and medical facility cleaning are essential in order to provide patients with the best treatment and care possible. Each and every table, chair, bed, toilet, nook, and cranny needs to be clean; in reality, it needs to be better than clean. It should be completely spotless and free of dirt and germs. The janitorial services of Interworld Cleaning, Inc. ensure all nurse’s stations and rooms are sanitized with a keen eye for detail. In fact, our janitorial services include cleaning the following:

  • Patient rooms
  • Emergency rooms
  • Operating rooms
  • Examination rooms
  • Waiting rooms
  • Bathrooms
  • And more!

Hospital cleaning services and medical facility cleaning takes more than your typical spraying a counter and wiping it down. What type of spray do you use to kill your average germs and other infectious diseases? Do you need a particular towel or rag for each new surface and room? Our trained professionals have knowledge about infection control, safety compliance, regulatory orders, and universal precautions.

You will feel confident walking into a hospital in our janitorial services area, which includes Washington D.C., the Baltimore Metro Area, and Maryland. You will have peace of mind knowing that it is not just disinfected, but it is sanitary to the highest possible degree. With the application of green products, you will rest assured knowing no other chemicals are being released into the fresh air. We take hospital cleaning services and medical facility cleaning to another level that is not used for your everyday residential or commercial janitorial services.