When it comes to quick-yet-efficient cleaning, who knows the most about the subject? Professional hotel cleaners of course. Hotel cleaners can thoroughly clean up to 30 rooms in an eight-hour shift*.

They’ve got tons of practice when it comes to cleaning right and cleaning with speed – and tons of tips that can help you in your home or office. As you may know, IWC works in the field of professional hotel cleaning, and we’ve got seven amazing tips our cleaners use that you can use yourself!

How to Clean a Hotel Room Checklist

Use These Tips at Home or in the Office

  1. Clear Clutter First.

    Empty the trash and anything left behind, and remove all products from the counters before you wash them down. This way you can start with a blank slate. Also, the temptation to just wipe around items on your flat surfaces or pick them up and immediately place them back down on a wet surface is removed. (Placing items on a wet surface can leave ring marks).

  2. Use the Right Cleaning Cloth.

    Microfiber is best, but if you don’t have one, use a rag made of 100% cotton, like an old T-shirt or old pillowcase, dampening it slightly. Avoid polyester or terrycloth towels, which can create more dust.

  3. Vacuum Before You Mop.

    This is how to clean a hotel room, and how to clean any other room at that. You don’t want wet dirt on the floor. It’s going to be hard to remove. So vacuum – or sweep – before you mop. And, when it’s time to mop, start from the far corner and make your way to the door so you don’t leave any tracks.

  4. Clean Bathrooms Last.

    When you hire our commercial cleaning services to clean a hotel room, our cleaners start in the bedroom first and so should you in your home. When you clean the bedroom before the bathroom, you minimize bacterial transfer.

  5. Let Your Cleaners Do the Work for You.

    Spray down surfaces and let them do their job for several minutes. Use this time to clean mirrors, windows, blinds, or anything else that is in the home or office. Then go back and wash off the surfaces, allowing you to use way less elbow grease.

  6. Vacuum the Opposite Way You’ve Been Taught.

    Mom probably told you to start at the furthest part of the room and vacuum yourself out. Our cleaners recommend that you vacuum into the room over the high-traffic areas and then vacuum yourself out. Voila. You’ve hit the most walked-on spots twice.

  7. The best cleaner is probably in your pantry.

    At IWC, we believe in green cleaning. Our customers sometimes think we have some crazy secret weapon up on our sleeves. Although we do use specialty cleaners, honestly sometimes the best thing to use is water and white vinegar. It cleans well, and can even clear cloudiness from the residue left behind by other cleaners. Fill a spray bottle with three parts water, and one part vinegar.

These are just some of the tools in our arsenal, but we were glad to have shared them with you. While we don’t expect you to be cleaning 30 rooms in 8 hours with these tips, we’re sure they’ll make you’re cleaning a lot more efficient and a lot faster.

* http://www.womansday.com/life/travel-tips/tips/a5150/10-things-your-hotel-housekeeper-wont-tell-you-111481/