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When I first entered the cleaning industry a common question asked was – “What is the initial house deep clean and why does it cost so much more than the monthly?”

This is a valid question and is a common theme throughout the industry. However, when you look at it from a cleaner’s point of view it clarifies the perspective and opens your eyes to why that is so. Let’s take a look and understand why this is the industry standard.

We all live busy lives and sometimes it’s hard to slow down and take a deep look at all the aspects of your life. Usually though, once you take a look you tend to delve deeper into the specific subject – cleanliness is no different.

I recently had a customer, after we did a whole house deep clean, told me that this process was initiated while they took a moment to sit down after a busy day and noticed a dust bunny in the corner of the living room. They got up to pick it up and then noticed another and another than 2 hours later and with lots of frustration they gave up. Now with a keen eye for the dust and dirt build-up, they surveyed the entire house and realized that it is time to go for residential cleaning.

The Solution – A Professional Cleaning Service

professional deep clean houseThink about it – by the time you see and realize that there is a need for professional cleaning services due to the level of build it has gotten to the point that it is noticeable. After years in the business, this is a commonality we have heard in both the home and office place as well. When we come in for that initial deep clean we are prepared for the task and will often bring in additional help as well as additional/different chemicals, tools, and equipment for this job because of the scope of the project.

This deep clean also is the springboard for keeping the area clean.

After the deep clean a bar has been set to our level of satisfaction which, in turn, makes things run more efficiently on the recurring cleans. Now, when we come back for the additional cleaning we can see where the problem areas are and address those needs. Furthermore, with this level of cleanliness, we have now reached it becomes obvious when something is dirty or out of place.

Keeping up on these cleaning not only does wonders for appearance but the health factor is a must consideration. The deep clean will remove those layers of germs and grime which can cause an abundance of health concerns however if you don’t follow that up with a recurring cleaning schedule all will go to waste as the germs and grime will always find a way to come back.

Once you get to the point when you feel like you have a clean home or office you want to keep it that way so call the professionals in to keep you breathing and smelling the clean and germ-free air.

risk freeSo, to circle back to the original question – I tell people that the reason for the price is that as professionals we abide by certain standards and keep the bar high. In order to get the level we want to constantly be at the deep clean is essential.

Let us come and show you the difference an initial deep clean followed by a recurring cleaning can do to your space! Providing quality commercial cleaning services to our clients is our guarantee, and we have years of experience to back up our claims.

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