Financial markets have significantly stumbled, manufacturing has dropped down, retail is in trouble, and some states are seeing a rise up in unemployment due to the novel Coronavirus. However, one sector is thriving amid COVID-19 which is the commercial cleaning industry.

The pandemic has changed people’s views of health and hygiene and is also altering their social behaviors. Now they are more concerned about their health than any other thing on this planet Earth. People need hand sanitizers, surface cleaners, masks, gloves, etc. to minimize the risk of contracting the deadly virus. But, most importantly, they are looking for ways to keep their surroundings clean and tidy. To follow the safety protocols and ensure proper cleaning, more and more people are hiring commercial cleaning subcontractors.

Coronavirus Increases the Demand for Commercial Subcontractors

The coronavirus outbreak has increased the demand for commercial cleaning services. These are unprecedented times, and most people don’t know how to fight this virus. They are not aware of the best cleaning practices that can lower the risk of contracting the virus.

Homes are not the only place under threat; offices and commercial places are the red zones at this time to become the cause of spread. The higher management of companies, offices, and other commercial places are worrying about the health of their employees. If one employee tests positive for the virus, there are chances that others will also get it. So, as a precaution, it’s important to prepare yourself before getting into the problem.

So, they need equipment such as a sanitizer spray machine for cleaning the places. They also need cleaners who can wipe and disinfect the doorknobs, monitors, desks, chairs, and other objects in the workplace that employees usually come in contact with to ensure safety. Cleaning subcontractors can help you to deal with the situation.

The following are some reasons which make commercial cleaning subcontractors valuable and have caused a sudden boost in their need amid COVID-19.

Coronavirus: Usage of Commercial Cleaning products

Coronavirus is contagious, and cleaning products can help mitigate the risk. However, there are no tests available to measure their effectiveness in killing the virus. Still, some cleaning companies know what can be beneficial in this situation because of their past experiences with MERS-CoV and SARS-CoV. Also, these products can help because of the scientifically proven results of the effects of alcohol in killing pathogens.

Although these cleaning products are available in the market, someone with little to no knowledge of their effects cannot use these products to their full advantage. It means the risk of getting the virus remains there. This is why you need cleaning vendors to help you clean your commercial space.

Moreover, you don’t know which products are perfect for killing pathogens of Coronavirus and how long they need to interact with a surface to disinfect it thoroughly. Therefore, people are looking towards cleaning companies to protect and disinfect their offices, homes, and other places.

Coronavirus: Protocols of Cleaning

Beyond using the best cleaning products, there are some protocols to clean the infected surfaces as well as protect yourself from the virus.

According to the CDC, it’s essential to wear proper personal safety equipment, including masks and gloves. Moreover, cleaners need to take extra precautions if they are working in places like hospitals, where there is a massive chance of Coronavirus existence. They need to practice hygiene techniques before, during, and after they clean the surface.

If they come in contact with the affected surfaces, they should rush to wash their hands for at least 30 seconds with an anti-bacterial soap or use alcohol-based sanitizers. Most importantly, if they are exhibiting symptoms of the virus, they should take leave and not come to work until they get well.

It is difficult for common people to take all precautions. Because of the strict Coronavirus protocols, people need experts like cleaning vendors who can clean the place and prevent themselves from contracting the virus.

Coronavirus: Frequent need for Cleaning

The pandemic has forced people to revisit their cleaning schedules; it is crucial to clean surfaces, doorknobs, and workspaces more frequently. Experts recommend that disinfecting public areas after every hour can reduce the risk of getting Coronavirus. Especially businesses that deal with high-traffic public need some extra cleaning amid COVID-19.

The following places/areas must be disinfected now and then.

  • Increase the cleaning of places that are in common use, such as lifts, refuse bins, handrails, and others.
  • Clean toilets a couple of times a day and clean areas with high human contact, such as doors, towels, water taps, seats cover flaps, grip poles, washbasins, switches, and cistern handles.
  • Keep the refuse bins covered all the time. Remove the trash as soon as the bin gets filled or at the end of the day.
  • Install hand sanitizers and anti-bacterial soaps in the washrooms.
  • Clean the workstation of each employee at least one time a day.

Maintaining hygiene and proper cleaning process is very important nowadays. The cleaning companies are training their workers more because of Coronavirus and teaching them new ways to ensure safety. This is why there is an increased demand for cleaning subcontractors in companies, workplaces, transportation services, and public areas.

Coronavirus: Bottom Line

Commercial subcontractors always remained in demand, but the pandemic has increased their importance and value. This industry is among the few sectors that have emerged due to Coronavirus. People need their help to save themselves from contracting COVID-19. They are hiring cleaning companies to disinfect their workplaces, homes, and other spaces as they can’t do this on their own.