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What is dust and why is it such a nuisance?

By definition, dust is – a fine, dry powder consisting of tiny particles of earth or waste matter lying on the ground or on surfaces or carried through the air.

Let’s examine some of the reasons for dust – pollen, machines, traffic, handling of goods, street dust, and the one that is most often thought of as construction dust. In our daily lives, we deal with the dilemmas of dust every day, whether it’s sneezing and a runny nose or constantly having to run a cloth over your furniture. Regardless of your life’s situation dust is an inevitability that constantly needs attention.

Now let’s think about the dust in your office or warehouse workplace!

We tend to associate construction dust with home renovations or perhaps a deep cleaning of your home or office but dust transcends and it is many workplace situations that we don’t think about. From textile plants to mills and mines dust in all fashions exists in the workplace.

As a commercial cleaning company, we have seen everything from ¼ inch layers on top of filing cabinets to HVAC filters barely functioning from the pile-up.

Recently we have been noticing a rise in warehouses looking for cleanings of their rafters and ducts in an effort to reduce health factors that dust can cause. We have been doing some inquiring and have found out that there are many reasons for this upswing in commercial warehouse cleaning.

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First, let’s address the concerns of the employer.

We have learned that there is a fire marshall code that prohibits the build-up dust of more than 1/16 of an inch on any exposed rafter or ductwork and the fine that comes with that is substantial but the greater fear is that this dust can become combustible and produce possible explosions or flash fires.

Obviously, the overall well-being of your facility and your people should be addressed thus the need for a professional level clean. Long-term exposure to dust can be detrimental to one’s health and can cause such things as rashes, irritated eyes, asthma, and chronic respiratory issues hence the need for regular cleaning and dusting of commercial warehouses.

Besides the concern of its effects on people, there is also an effect on machinery which can hinder your business. As we know dust gets everywhere and can interfere with the performance and efficiency of your equipment which can lead to slower production rates.

An example – perhaps you haven’t had a commercial clean in a few years and you’re wondering why your forklift is requiring more gas and attention than usual. Dust on the floor can hinder breaking capability which then affects the traction which will increase the distance needed and reduce the vehicle’s performance as more propulsion is required. Dust gets everywhere and can cause a wider range of problems than we usually think about.

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How to combat the problem?

In an effort to deter the damage, there are many options that are available are implemented.

  • The government has stipulated many health regulations in hopes to have companies pay closer attention to these problems for their employee’s benefit.
  • There are also exhaust filtration systems that remove dust from the site as well as dilution ventilation systems that help disperse the dust so there is no build-up in one spot.
  • These moves accompanied by protective clothing and proper breathing respirators are a good way to help fight the problems that can be caused by dust build-up.
  • These preventive measures are beneficial however, nothing can replace good commercial cleaning to get the dust away.

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