Over the last decade, the term “going green” has become ingrained in our vernacular. What started off as just a trend has now become a way of life – one that people are picking up on.

More and more, they’re noticing that cleanliness and going green go hand in hand. Both exemplify little changes in the workplace that can make a big impact on the environment – both inside the office and out. A cleaner office means fewer germs, and a green office means less waste outside.

green office cleaning

If you’re planning on scheduling an office cleaning service in Maryland, try these three simple tips for going green at work.


1. Find alternatives for paper and printing

Paper is one of the most wasted resources in the office. Now that computers have revolutionized the way we store files, most offices could cut back on their paper use and never even miss it.

First, digitize your files – meaning get rid of those file cabinets and scan your documents onto your computer. If your office doesn’t have a good scanner, there are plenty of apps like iScanner that will transform your documents into PDFs. It may seem like a tedious task, but once you move to digital files, you won’t believe how much money you save on paper and how much-added space your office has.

Digitizing files will also cut back on your need to print. You’ll save not only on paper but also on toner for your printer. Finally, start giving customers the option of sending their receipts to their inboxes, rather than printing them out. Software such as Squarespace allows customers to sign their receipts and choose where they want them sent – usually to an inbox.

This means less paper for you and an electronic copy for your customers. It also means less paper for your office cleaning in Baltimore to handle.

2. Turn off lights and equipment

This is one of the easiest ways of going green at work and it doesn’t even require an office cleaning service in Maryland. Turning off lights and equipment when not in use is one of the easiest ways to start going green in your office.

Create a policy that all lights must be turned off if no one is in the room. This goes for bathrooms, break rooms, and employee offices. If a room isn’t occupied, the light should be turned off. The same goes for office equipment. Some people like to leave their computers on stand-by all night, rather than just turning them all. Don’t let them do this. Make sure your employees turn off their computers.

This not only helps the environment, but it also helps your electric bill. If you’re having an office cleaning, make sure they know your policy so they can follow it.

3. Offer incentives for carpools and bikes

Though gas prices are much lower than even a year ago, there’s no reason why your employees should be spending so much on gas. Encouraging them to carpool with each other or use bikes or buses for transportation is a great way for going green at work.

Each week, hold a drawing for a small prize, such as a $5 or $10 gift card to a local restaurant or coffee shop. Employees can enter their name once for each day of the week that they either bike or carpool to the office.

Doing this will leave more space open in your parking lot, and if you’re having an office cleaning, it will give the cleaners more space to work.


Can you think of other ways going green at work coincides with commercial cleaning services in Maryland? Share your thoughts with us!