Commercial kitchens are key drivers of businesses around the world. It shoulders multiple responsibilities. Besides the most obvious task of serving the customers, other important tasks like dealing with suppliers, short-term storage of food items, and providing timely service are also taken care of in the kitchen area. It is the workplace of all the background staff of your commercial business setting (such as restaurants, cafeterias, etc). It houses your chief chef and his entire team throughout business hours. These reasons place the utmost importance on maintaining the cleanliness of your kitchen area. The minutest of dirt particles in a plate can end up in a bad reputation for your business, potentially losing a number of customers.

Interworld Commercial Cleaning Company understands the needs of different categories of customers – industrial, commercial and residential. We believe cleaning is a highly specialized task, particularly when the stakes are high, and should be dealt with in a professional manner, by experienced people rather than your regular housekeeping staff. Our kitchen cleaning services ensure the cleanest and safest environment for dining and cooking for your staff and customers.

We thoroughly clean the cooktops, grills, fryers, refrigerators, and other appliances with our specialized equipment to remove and prevent oil and grease build-ups. We polish the appliances to enhance their protection, besides cleaning the ceramic walls around them where tons of grease and oil deposits build up over time. We have the expertise to clean the walk-in refrigerators from top to bottom as well. Depending on the type of flooring the kitchen has, we clean the tile and grouts as well.

Our kitchen cleaning services offer an array of services for your business – pressure washing of floors and building exterior, cleaning the exhaust fans (from outside only), cleaning tables and other furniture, mopping and waxing the kitchen floors, disinfecting and polishing sinks, mirrors, toilets, and urinals, washing floors and kitchen mats, etc. Given our expertise and experience accumulated over the years, we can also help restaurant owners pass the regulatory requirements regarding health and safety inspection.

We offer a number of standard packages that have been designed keeping your needs in mind. In case you want them to be further customized, we are open to sitting with you and discussing a customized commercial cleaning schedule to match your needs, though extra charges apply. Our commercial cleaning services are currently available in the areas of Maryland, Baltimore, and Washington DC. We use a green line of products wherever possible without charging you anything extra for them. This is our way of protecting the environment and contributing to sustainable growth. We work with your property manager and general contractor to devise a feasible cleaning schedule. We know that restaurants would make money only when they are open. Hence, we’ve made our services available 24 hours a day and have left the choice to you so that your business hours are not affected. Our focus has always been on building long-lasting relationships with our clients rather than building healthy balance sheets, which means we are fully committed to our post-cleaning obligations. Our helpline is available 24 X 7 to ensure we address to your complaints in the fastest manner possible.

We have catered to some of the biggest names in the industry and given the quality of our commercial cleaning services, they have been giving us repeat business for years now, which speaks volumes about the quality of work we do, the professionalism with which we deliver it and the value that we add to your organization. We’re sure we’ll add your name to the list once you give us a chance to serve you.

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