recurring office cleaningAccording to the dictionary, an investment is defined as – the action or process of investing money for profit or material result. The term material result is what intrigues me and is how it applies to the cleaning business. When you invest money into commercial cleaning services to come into your office or workspace and provide a routine cleaning you are not going to see a direct profit.

However, let’s look further into how you get an ROI (return on investment) and uncover where the profits can come from.

A recurring Cleaning Office is Beneficial

Whether you have a 50 thousand square foot office or a 1000 square foot shared work area a clean workplace is a first impression you want to impose on visiting potential clients. A recurring office cleaning service is likely not going to cost a fortune because of the abundance of companies to choose from so you can examine how many times a week you want and find a company that provided what you are looking for and at the price within your budget. It is worth it!

When a new employee or client enters the space and sees a clean/welcoming and inviting office it instills confidence as well as gives the impression that you pay attention to details and have an efficiently running business. If you have a dirty work area you are telling potential clients that you lack the professionalism it takes to maintain your own office. This could potentially result in a walkaway or contract termination.

For the small fee, it takes to have a recurring cleaning company it is well worth the impression leaves and is a seen result!

Recurring Office Cleaning Results

The results that a commercial cleaning company has on your employees is something that is a tangible number that leads to a better return on your investment.

office clean employeesOn average, an employee spends 8 hours a day in the workplace and you want them to have a level of comfort while they are working.

“A dirty office can increase the number of health problems employees experience. This can reduce productivity dramatically while increasing costs for the business. Dust, allergens, and other particles in the air can lead to respiratory problems and skin irritation.”*

It is no mystery that a happy and healthy employee is a more productive employee which leads to higher profit margins and overall attitude. There are more than 100 times of allergens inside than outside, and your employees are breathing them in every day which could result in sick days or even more health concerns. The fewer days people call out sick the more they are going to get down which positively affects the bottom line.

Maintain your office clean

It is important to educate your employees on how to keep a clean and healthy workplace but it’s important not to task them with that chore. Let them come into a sense of ownership over their area and that will organically lead them to clean and care for their space which breeds confidence and results in higher productivity.

risk freeInvesting in a recurring office cleaning service has an abundance of benefits that can be seen on a multitude of levels. Call us to learn more about the benefits and the cleaning options we have for your office. Talk soon!

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