professional business cleaning companyLet’s get real: your business is your second home – to you, your coworkers, and your employees.

And although you might be keeping it neat, are you keeping it clean in a way that a warehouse or office cleaning business would? Maybe you think you don’t have the man hours or the cash to afford professional cleaning company prices and have your employees doing the work for you.

Well, even though you might not think this is the case now, keeping your business clean is a priority and will actually save you time and money in the long run.

Let us show you how to keep your workplace safe, healthy, and productive!

(A) Keep Your Workplace Safe

Clean means safe. Whether you work in an office or a manufacturing plant, an unclean workplace causes accidents, even injury, and exposure to bacteria and germs. Sanitizing once in a while or keeping an eye on things at work can’t compare with a professional commercial cleaning service, and an unclean environment can definitely cause workplace accidents and injuries.

safe workplace

Let’s consult the experts on workplace safety, OSHA:

OSHA recommends these cleaning procedures that can significantly reduce injuries on the job:

  • Keep storerooms and passages tidy, dry, and clean, as well as sanitary.
  • Prevent exposure to infectious diseases.
  • Prevent exposure to bloodborne pathogens.

As you can see, safety goes hand in hand with employee health, which we discuss below.

(B) Keep Your Workplace Healthy

If you began to experience transmission problems, would you call a mechanic, or try to fix your car on your own? Of course, you’d consult the expert. We ask because professional cleaners have an expert eye for cleanliness: from cooking to using bathrooms to eating on the job and touching office equipment and surfaces, professional cleaners understand that it is extremely easy for bacteria and germs to spread around.

healthy workplaceOne study determined how many germs reside in a commercial office, and the results are disturbing: A start button you would find on a copy machine is plagued with four times more bacteria than your dog’s food dish. What’s more, the handle of a coffee pot carries as much as thirty-four times more bacteria than a school toilet seat.*

You don’t want your employees to be sick because you value them as people and care about their well-being. Of course, this overgrowth of germs and bacteria makes it extremely easy for illnesses to spread and fester, meaning an increase in sick days taken by staff, which leads us to our next point…

(C) Keep Your Workplace Productive

A clean workplace is a productive one as well. A number of studies** conclude there is a definitive link between productivity and cleanliness:

productive workplace

  • According to Princeton University Neuroscience Institute, employees experienced a measured and significant amount of time achieving productivity when they were in an environment flooded with disheveled clutter.
  • Bringham Young University conducted a survey in which 88% of respondents said that when they worked in a place where there was a visible layer of dust and dirt, their ability to be productive employees and concentrate was hindered.
  • A Florida State University Researcher found an alarming fact: lack of stimulation coupled with a dirty workplace can have a negative, long-term effect on cognitive functioning in workers.

We hope we have convinced you that commercial cleaners do more than just wipe down surfaces, empty garbage, or scrub toilets. They ensure the entire area of the workplace is clean – from top to bottom, in and out, even detoxifying the air particles you and your workers breathe.

risk freeWhether you are hoping to decrease employee accidents, prevent missed work days, or boost productivity, employing the use of a professional commercial cleaning company is imperative.

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