Tiles look fantastic. Tiles are standard in shower and bathroom floors, and they are also frequently found in kitchens. Due to their smooth finish, tiles are generally easy to clean and tend not to accumulate much dirt, however they can still get dirty just like any other surface. The difference is tiles are durable and hard to damage. But they can still get damaged by harsh chemicals, like bleach and acids. Using lemon and vinegar as a homemade cleaning agent is not a safe bet either, but these solutions will only cause damage if they are employed on a regular basis.

tile and groute cleaning

How Often To Clean

While it heavily depends on how much traffic is in the area in a residential environment, weekly or bi-weekly cleaning will suffice. But in a commercial workspace like a restaurant kitchen or an office bathroom, a daily wipe down and a weekly deep clean is recommended.

The Consequences Of Harsh Chemicals

Even a mix of diluted vinegar can cause damage to tiles and especially grout. Vinegar can cause major discoloration and slight damage to the grout. Chemicals like bleach can eat away at the grout resulting in loose tiles and maintenance. Lime, lemons, and acids in general can cause etching in stone tiles like marble and will destroy the beauty of the tiles. Ammonia-based cleaners can cost the structural integrity of the tiles causing them to break down. There are a lot of factors at play and a lot to look out for so why not take it easy and hire commercial cleaning services?

The Proper Way

Tile and grout cleaning is not very complicated but if you’re looking for the best possible results a commercial cleaning company and a team of professional cleaners are always the best choice. 

In a commercial setting, it may be challenging to do everything yourself and a contract with commercial cleaners may be the best solution. However, in your own home things are much more manageable. For most types of tile, including porcelain and ceramic, essentially all you need is warm water and dish soap.

Just cause things are easier at home doesn’t mean that hiring a residential cleaning service is a bad idea Interworld Cleaning also offers house cleaning services at a fair price.

Necessary Materials

  • Warm water
  • Dish soap
  • A microfiber cloth
  • A brush or sponge
  • A spray bottle

Cleaning Process

Do not use any chemical solutions regularly they can damage tiles and grout after recurrent use. If you do employ a chemical solution make sure to use gloves as they can damage more than just tiles and, make sure your working space is well-ventilated.

Mix dish soap and water in a spray bottle, a few drops of dish soap will be enough. Spray the solution on the tiles and start scrubbing them with a brush or sponge after a few minutes wipe the tiles with a damp microfiber cloth. This should be enough for most cases but if any mold has grown in the grout and it appears black or dark another cleaning solution is required. So What should be done if the grout has stubborn stains or mold that cannot be removed using dish soap and water?

Cleaning Grout

Mold growth is common in the crevices of grout and between tiles, mold will add a dark and black color to the grout. Not only is it a health concern it also makes the tiles look very visually unappealing.

Necessary Materials

  • A bowl
  • A toothbrush
  • An oxygen-based bleach like:
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Also an oxygenated powder product such as:
  • OxiClean or generic washing soda
tile and grout cleaning

Cleaning Process

Note that this process should be done with ventilation as the fumes from hydrogen peroxide are not safe to breathe. Also, gloves and a face mask are recommended. Start by mixing one part of hydrogen peroxide and two parts of the oxygenated powder. The resulting solution should be a thick paste. Apply the paste to any stains, or mold and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. After a few minutes give the grout another scrub with the toothbrush to ensure there is no mold or any stains left. After one last scrub rinse the tiles thoroughly and make sure none of the paste is still stuck in the grout.
This process shouldn’t be too hard to do but it can become a chore even on a monthly basis, which is why hiring commercial cleaners or residential cleaning services from a commercial cleaning company is recommended.

How To Maintain Tiles & Grout

Grout seal

Grout is very rough which is why it catches dust and other debris, the pores in the grout allow bacteria and mold to grow. A grout seal will smooth out the surface of the grout stopping everything from getting stuck in and on the surface. You will need to make sure the grout is completely dry before applying the sealer so wait at least 24 hours after you clean the tiles and grout.


Wiping the tiles after they get wet can go a long way to ensure no mold grows anywhere. Running a heater to dry the shower is a good way to prevent trapped water and moisture.

Harsh Cleaners

Once again it’s best to avoid harsh cleaners and acids they will ruin the look of the tile and destroy the grout and the visual appeal.


Inevitably some grout is going to be destroyed, chipped, and broken fixing any damage quickly will prevent any major problems.

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There is a reason why professional cleaners are called professionals. Fifteen years of experience means we know what the best approach for any situation is commercial cleaning services are the best way to maintain, clean, and protect your tiles and allow them to serve you for a very long time.

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