keep Baltimore beautiful

Looking to do some cleaning of your own by beautifying your own community? Here are three ways you can pitch in and keep Baltimore looking its best:

Tidy Up Your Living Space With the Baltimore County Community Clean-up Program

The Baltimore County Community Clean-up Program allows communities of fifty households or more to host bulk trash events. Here, you can collect trash that isn’t typically picked up for curbside collection. Plan properly, and the county will subsidize the cost of renting roll-off dumpsters. One clean-up event per fiscal year is allowed for each clean-up area of the community association.

How to Get Involved

    1. Choose a location and date

The location must be available from 7 am to 12 pm on a Saturday.

    1. Get permission

Get written permission to use the location from the property’s authorized agent. For instance, if you would like to place containers on board of education property, get written permission from the public school system.

    1. Have an approved waste management firm provide dumpsters for your cleanup program

Bear in mind that the county of Baltimore needs to approve and subsidize your event.

    1. Make sure you have submitted your application at least a month before your event

Additionally, if you are not using the lowest bid vendors, be sure to document the reasons why.

  1. Promote the event properly

Don’t publicize your event until you have received permission to advertise within your community.

To find out more information about cleanup events and additional regulations, visit:

Keep Baltimore Bay Pristine With Oyster Restoration and Alley Makeovers

Did you know that oysters play an integral part when it comes to clean water? An adult oyster can filter up to fifty gallons of water a day. The Baltimore Oyster Restoration program grows over one hundred thousand baby oysters in the Baltimore Harbor to ensure that the water is pristine.

How You Can Get Involved

As a volunteer, you can help keep the baby oysters clean, tracking their growth. When the oysters have matured, you get to transport them to a Chesapeake Bay Oyster Sanctuary by boat. This program runs from September until June, and volunteer oyster gardening is held on the third Saturday of these months.

Alley makeovers

Alley makeovers combine alley cleaning with inspirational messages about our neighborhood’s connections to streams and the Harbor, along with the artwork.

How You Can Get Involved

You can help by removing weeds and litter or by painting storm drains and street murals. From March through November, alley makeovers are held on the first Saturday of the month.

For more information visit:

Keep Baltimore Blooming With the Upper Fell’s Point Community Garden

Initially three empty lots, this space was taken to create a green space and community garden in 1987. The Baltimore Green Space and community residents purchased these lots in 2009 and made it a permanent green space, and the only open green space in the community.

How You Can Get Involved

Donations are always welcome to make this community garden more beautiful. For example, past donations were used to renovate the sidewalk in front of the community garden; trees were added and two existing tree pits were expanded.

For more information visit this page.

Keeping your living space clean and beautiful is important – both in your community and in your home and business. If you need help keeping your indoor living space clean, Interworld Commercial Cleaning Company will be happy to lend a hand. Contact us for a free no obligation quote.