In this day and age with the marvels of modern technology and science we are able to heal the sick and wounded in manners that were not capable years ago.

My youngest son was born with a rare blood disorder and if not for the nearby hospital and it’s resources his condition likely would have gone unnoticed. This was truly a blessing, however, that is not always the case and even in some cases you can leave the hospital with a new problem.

According to the World Health Organization,*”at any time 1.4 million people are affected by infections acquired in hospitals” – this is a staggering fact and reiterates the need for a professional cleaning company to come in and with the proper disinfectants and knowledge to clean daily.

By hiring a professional company, you have the comfort of knowing that we are taking all the proper precautions to ensure the highest levels of cleanliness. Such things as utilizing multi colored fiber towels to avoid cross contamination and setting up appropriate cleaning services, including floor cleaning services for each room with and also the proper chemicals will be implemented.

**“Between 5-10% of patients admitted to modern hospitals in the developed world acquire one or more healthcare- associated infections.” This number can be decreased with some basic practices accompanied by a recurring cleaning.

Best Cleaning Practices for Hospitals

recurring cleaning medical facility hospitalSuch things as regularly washing your hands helps to stop the spread of germs followed by a cleaning crew who will clean high touch areas such as light switches, keyboards and door handles aids in your efforts.

As we know, there are an abundance of bio-hazard and toxic wastes that are in every hospital and need to be disposed of properly. By appropriately training our staff on the correct methods of disposing these products and providing them with knowledge of the facility and the potential dangers we are proactively fighting the battle to stop the spread of infections.

Norovirus and MRSA are two of most common virus that we see on the news and thrive in settings such as a hospital. Appropriate cleaning agents must be used in order to kill these viruses and our staff are well versed in how to use these agents as well as where to look for the breeding grounds for these viruses.

The most common mistake an unseasoned cleaning crew makes is not being able to differentiate between what needs to be cleaned versed disinfected.

While cleaning is needed in certain areas disinfecting should be done throughout the whole facility. “Superbugs” or antibiotic resistant bacteria are on the rise having developed the ability to survive for months with minimal nourishment while they wait for an appropriate host. This is why we implement a hospital cleaning and well thought out strategy for touching all areas of the facility in order to eliminate these and other bacteria which are abundant.

risk freePrevention is the key to stopping the spread of these germs, bacterias and other viruses that thrive in the hospital setting. Let professionals like us come and further explain the advantages and benefits of having a seasoned crew come and clean your facility. Let’s together reduce the risk of a patient getting sick from visiting your facility. CALL US TODAY.


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