Owning a Cleaning Business

Owning your own business is a dream that many people would like to fulfill, however, it comes with a sense of hesitation & fear.

Leaving your traditional job where you know when you have to arrive, what your tasks are, and how much many money you are going to make to start your own cleaning business can certainly create doubts. However, it can lead to not only financial growth but a certain quality of life that may not be obtained otherwise. Let’s examine why starting a cleaning company is a solid business choice.

As a child, I had chores that needed to get done every day such as taking out the trash, cleaning my room, and setting the dinner table to name a few! Not to mention the weekend cleanings of baseboard wiping, bathroom bleaching, and toilet scrubbing! I dreaded it then and I still do today!! However, now imagine that you get paid to do that – it makes those tasks far more appealing! Before I started this job I knew very little about the cleaning industry and now that I have sunk my teeth into the business the amount of opportunity and growth is immeasurable.

When deciding what business you are going to start up evaluating the marketplace and the need for the good or service should be imperative.

Cleaning is by far one of the most stable markets in the world and is unaffected by trends or waves in the economic markets.

There are offices all over which need to be cleaned on a regular basis and why not tap into a market where there is a definite need! These types of cleans provide a stable income and are always needed. There are always more buildings being constructed and businesses opening. If providing a service, it makes sense to provide a service that is in constant demand which will maximize your growth potential.

Cleaning requires simple products and a straight forward set off procedures

Cleaning requires simple products and a straightforward set of procedures.

This is not rocket science but it does require a good work ethic and the right attitude. Every home and office needs the trashes taken out, bathrooms scrubbed and a regular/deep cleaning; which provides lots of growth and job potential for cleaning companies and/or franchisees. You may choose to do the cleanings yourself to start but as you grow and expand you will need to hire help.

Within the cleaning industry, it is an entry-level workforce who really only needs the ability to perform the job and the willingness to do so! Many of the workforce enjoys the flexibility of the hours and the evening work as they may have another full-time job or families to take care of. This is a job that requires little training so once you find a trusted person and show them the ropes they can perform on their own with little supervision.

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of starting a cleaning company is the low start-up cost and overhead.

Naturally, you will need some essential supplies and equipment but nothing that is too costly or hard to find. In all likelihood, all the products you would need are located in your home or are easily accessible. As you take on more jobs your inventory will grow as well and your product list will increase which will allow you to take on additional jobs you may not have thought were possible.

Upon reaching the decision to start your own cleaning company the next step would be whether to start it on your own or buy into a franchise.

Yes, starting it on your own may be rewarding and gratifying but take the time to fully examine the leg work that is required. You will solely be responsible for things such as setting up a business plan, obtaining licenses and insurance, marketing your business, creating a competitive pricing structure, and legal paperwork all while performing the actual cleaning which will need to be done.

While it can be expensive to buy into a franchise we know from our daily lives that those investments can pay great dividends. You can drive down any road and see recognizable signs for shops and restaurants you are familiar with and are comfortable in and these stores have overtaken the mom-and-pop shops which once thrived here but sadly can’t keep up with the rising business and demand for consistency.

Interworld Cleaning Franchises

When you become part of a franchise you are your own boss yet have the support and infrastructure of a big, established, and proven business network behind you which leads to a higher success rate than start-up businesses. It may seem that it is more expensive but that is just the initial investment and it usually winds up being cheaper in the long run once all costs are accounted for. When joining a cleaning franchise you get instantaneous recognition and branding which has already been set in motion.

By joining a cleaning franchise you will get a proven management system and work practices that have been tweaked in order to help you achieve the most success possible. Furthermore, training and an ongoing support network are in place for your utilization. When becoming a franchisee you get the national advertising that comes with your commercial cleaning company and the brand recognition which will greatly help in bringing in business and making you successful. And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

To draw a conclusion, ask yourself one simple question; “Would you rather learn from your own mistakes or someone else’s?”

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