Procedure For Spot Cleaning Carpet And Fabrics

carpet cleaning spots

Recommended Supplies and Cleaning Equipment:

  1. Water Based Spot Remover
  2. Solvent Based Spot Remover
  3. Aerosol Freezing Agent
  4. Powdered Absorbent Deodorant
  5. Spatula
  6. Rubber Gloves
  7. White Paper Blotting Cloths
  8. Small Agitation Brush
  9. Waste Bags
  10. Chart for “Removal of Spots and Stains”

Recommended Method:

As in all cleaning procedures, the first step is to gather the recommended janitorial equipment and supplies together and bring them to the area to be cleaned.

Identify The Spot:

Your first step in carpet cleaning and spot removal is identifying the spot. It might be possible by asking someone who works in the area and also the age of the spot.

Note the appearance, location, color, size, shape, feel and smell. Characteristics are all excellent clues in determining what caused the spot.

If possible, determine what caused the spot. Choose the appropriate cleaning chemical and procedure.

Remove excess soil by gently scraping the affected area with a blunt-edged scraping device. If the spot is moist, blot any excess before beginning.

Try blotting the spot first with a white absorbent cloth dampened with water. Next, select the proper spotting chemical after you have identified the spot. Before you begin, always test the spotting chemical in an inconspicuous area to ensure color fastness or for possible fiber damage.

Apply (spray) the spotting chemical directly to the affected area. Do not overwet. On large spots, apply the chemical from the outside edges towards the center.

Agitate gently with a soft brush to work the spotter into the face fiber of the carpet. Avoid deep or heavy agitation with the brush. This could cause damage or distort the carpet fiber. Work the brush in every direction around the fibers…back and forth, front and back, and diagonally to reach all sides of the fiber.

After the proper time (according to the product label directions), blot the area with a clean white absorbent cloth or plain paper towel, removing the loosened soil or excess spotter.

If the spot has not been removed, repeat the previous 4 steps until the soil has been completely removed. Be very careful not to overwet the carpet.

Apply a spray or mist of water to the area you have cleaned and blot immediately with a clean, white cloth, rinsing the chemical from the carpet. Extraction equipment can be used in place of this procedure.

Vacuum the area after the carpet dries thoroughly.

If Not Removed:

Use a light mixture of soap/detergent, water, and a white blotting cloth. Blot to see if a spot comes up. Rinse and vacuum the area.

If Still Not Removed:

Use a water base spotter or solvent base spotter (depending on the type of spot). Never use solvent base first!!!

Blot with a white cloth. Never rub a spot or stain!!!

Reapply spotter. Rinse with soap/detergent, water, and a blotting cloth. Never use hot water!!!

Let dry and vacuum

Allow time to clean up and return the cleaning equipment to the storage area.

SOURCE: MonsterJanitorial.Com