Cleaning is appreciated across all industries and its importance in the hospitality industry cannot be emphasized enough. If you are a hotel owner or a manager, we’re sure you realize how easy it is to lose a customer permanently due to the slightest of ignorance in the cleanliness committed by the untrained, unsupervised housekeeping staff. The competition in the hospitality industry keeps getting fiercer and in the mad rush to meet it by hiring the best possible talent and training them to communicate with the guests in the politest of manners, one of the basic pillars of the hospitality industry, i.e. cleanliness, might get neglected. Even if its importance is realized, it is absolutely essential to hand over your commercial cleaning services to an experienced, reliable, and efficient contractor rather than having some newbie “experiment” with his/her skills at the cost of your reputation. Whenever a new traveler enters your lobby, the first thing he notices is the cleanliness – the cost, quality of service, etc grab attention later. Once cleanliness is found wanting at any level from the reception to the room, the customer would turn his back on you and there’s every chance of him not considering your hotel again.

Interworld Commercial Cleaning understands your hotel cleaning needs and we offer you a number of cleaning packages to choose from. In case you are not happy with our packages, we are prepared to sit down with you and customize the existing package which would cater to your hotel cleaning needs. Besides commercial clients, our services are available to industrial and residential clients.

The factors separating us from our competition are expertise, professionalism, and experience with which we deliver our services. With the passage of time, the meaning of cleaning has changed and we are in an era where its meaning goes beyond the usual sweeping and mopping done by your regular housekeepers. Hotel cleaning assumes even more importance, given the narrow window of opportunity, you have to win new clients and retain old ones, as one look in your lobby or your rooms is enough to influence their decision. Our room cleaning services are available from $7 per room and we cater to room turns as well. Whether you need additional staff to supplement your existing housecleaning staff during peak season or you are looking to enter into a long-term hotel cleaning contract with us, we are committed to delivering professional, eco-friendly, and timely services at your premises. We understand the nature of the hospitality industry and therefore offer our services round the clock to minimize the inconvenience caused to you during peak business hours. We use a green line of products wherever possible without charging you anything extra for it, which displays our commitment to protecting the environment and protecting you and your guests from the effects of harmful chemicals. If you are not satisfied with our services, our 24 X 7 helpline is just a call away to ensure that your concern is addressed on priority. Currently, we cater to clients in Baltimore, Maryland, and the Washington DC area.

Our focus has always been on forging long-lasting relationships with our clients rather than adding up customers to our list, which is one reason why our clients have shown their trust in us by offering us repeat business over the years.

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