hospital_lobbyHospitals are essential features of any civilized society and they are often associated with cleanliness, trust, and care. Access to quality healthcare is one of the basic needs of human beings, irrespective of region, race, or economic status. Given the kind of medical procedures hospitals deal with on a daily basis, they demand that extra degree of attention. We provide a wide range of hospital cleaning facilities in Baltimore, Maryland, and Washington DC areas.

We at Interworld Commercial Cleaning believe that hospital cleaning service is a highly specialized task that requires a combination of experienced staff and modern equipment. Based on our experience, we have designed a number of cleaning packages for you, catering to hospital cleaning services, room cleaning services, examination room cleaning services, operating room cleaning services, emergency room cleaning services, patient room cleaning services, x–ray room cleaning services and much more.

Our services are available round the clock so that you get the flexibility of scheduling cleaning at a time that suits you the best. You can choose from a wide variety of hospital cleaning packages or customize a package (albeit at an extra charge) to suit your cleaning needs. Our uniform staff has years of experience in cleaning hospitals and they know how to handle potentially infectious medical waste. Our hospital cleaning services staff is specially trained by experts to ensure they deliver the best of services at your premises. They are trained on infection control, detailing universal precautions, and compliance with safety and regulatory orders with a focus on bloodborne pathogens. They know the common problem areas that are often identified by healthcare professionals for extra cleaning and adopt special cleaning procedures to ensure they are infection and dirt free. Examination rooms, nurses’ stations, and utility rooms are cleaned under supervision and any shortcoming is rectified on the spot itself. We understand that a hospital is a place where sanitation assumes the highest priority; else it poses serious health risks to the patients and the staff, apart from giving a bad impression to the patients and other stakeholders.

The primary purpose of a hospital is to provide a serene, calm, and quiet environment to an ailing patient who comes with the expectation of getting healed. The least hospitals can do is maintain the required degree of cleanliness. A clean environment not only promotes the healing of the patients, but the entire hospital staff also gets a better place to work, which creates a sense of synergy. That is why it is so critical to hire a cleaning service that is highly rated and experienced in hospital sanitation. We have been serving clients from all sectors, i.e. industrial, commercial and residential, for over five years and their satisfaction level with our commercial cleaning services is reflected in the fact that we have acquired repeat orders from most of them. As we don’t believe in tying down our clients into long-term contracts, we offer you the flexibility of short-term contracts as well, in case you want to have a look at us before entrusting us with the responsibility of cleaning your premises on a regular basis. Our usage of the green line of products at no extra cost ensures no foul smell of chemicals and no scope for chemical-borne diseases to the inmates once we leave your premises. If you are still unhappy with our services, we are available 24 X 7 on our helpline to address your concerns at the earliest, unlike other companies which would not bother answering your calls.

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