Foreclosed Homes for Sale: 3 Types of Cleaning Services Banks and Realtors Scramble to Find.

Cleaning foreclosed homes have become one of the best businesses to start. Many who already own cleaning businesses are ideally suited to handle the cleaning of these properties before they can be resold. But too often, they lack the following.


PRLog (Press Release) – Mar 10, 2009 – Foreclosed Cleaning Services has become one of the best businesses to start in this economy. And, those who own various types of cleaning businesses are perfectly situated to handle many of the cleaning services these homes require before they can be put back on the market to be resold.

Following are three very common ones — and why many commercial cleaning companies don’t qualify for these contracting opportunities with banks, realtors, and other lenders.

Foreclosure Cleaning Services to Offer Those Who Have Foreclosed Homes for Sale

Window Cleaning: Window cleaning is a much-desired service because many cleaning service companies don’t have the skill or equipment to handle this type of job. This is especially true when it comes to cleaning windows from the outside and/or those that are high up (eg, on second or third stories of homes).

These require ladders — and skilled professionals accustomed to scaling ladders. Because of this, many companies that can handle the internal cleaning of a foreclosed home, for example, won’t even bother to bid on the window cleaning.

Another reason window cleaning may be bid out separately is for insurance purposes. Because of the inherent danger of this profession, banks, realtors, and others who are readying foreclosed homes for sale again look for legitimate companies who have the right insurance.

Many “man with a van” type operations don’t have it and most realtors and banks won’t hire contractors who don’t have proper insurance.

Pressure Washing: This is another service that requires a professional. Too much water pressure or the wrong cleaning solution can take the paint right off a house, put a hole through vinyl siding, or discolor the brick. And, this is also a profession that requires proper insurance due to the dangers (climbing ladders).

For all of these reasons, realtors, bankers and others who have a roster of foreclosed homes for sale look for professional firms to contract with.

White-Glove Cleaning: Many foreclosure cleaning companies offer what’s known as a “broom swept” clean; they tend not to offer an in-depth, “white glove” commercial cleaning service. When a realtor or banker is getting a home that has been foreclosed on in market shape, this is exactly what they need though.

This is particularly true in the current real estate market because homes are standing empty for so long. Hence, sellers are looking for every competitive advantage they can get. And, one of the best ways to show a home in its best light is to have it sparkling clean.

Foreclosed homes for sale, as evidenced here, require a lot of cleaning — inside and out — to get them back into market shape. And sellers of these properties are scrambling to find qualified help — with all the right paperwork in place (eg, insurance, business license) — to get these jobs done.

If you own an existing commercial cleaning service, you can make foreclosure cleaning one of your prime target niches, especially if you are a formal business entity.

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