The concept “Go Green” has finally achieved the status it deserved. Green Cleaning is a very important initial step that anyone can take for their business. It encourages a clean and sustainable environment friendly work space and healthier work environment. The whole world is becoming environment cognizant with each passing day and is totally ready to eradicate or at least minimize the damage being done to the environment. We at Interworld cleaning deem to step up and take the duty towards a cleaner and better environment.

Cleaning of offices and business places is a major contributor to indoor air quality issues. Though most of the time dust is not visible but it exists, much of which contains various toxic chemicals, few of which have high levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can cause many ailments as well.

 Green_Cleaning_BookGreen Cleaning is about efficient cleaning that is safer than traditional methods and completely safe and environmental friendly.

 We at Interworld make sure to use non-toxic cleaning products, tools and procedures that are not only effectual, but also help protect your employees and work environment. Cleaning is a dedicated task and we understand the variations between client to client demands.

Here at Interworld Cleaning, perfection and dedication is promised unlike other companies that work with techniques of the past. We have highly specialized cleaning equipment’s to suit needs of different people. We have roughly categorized cleaning into three different zones, i.e. Residential, Industrial and Commercial Cleaning; with each sort further being divided into a total of more than 30 sub categories such as Carpet Cleaning, Green Cleaning, Construction Cleaning, Floor Cleaning, Office Cleaning, Foreclosures Cleaning, etc…


Commercial Green Cleaning actually means much more than what we think it is. But on small scale it can be concluded to be a product that services recyclable, environment friendly, biodegradable, and is sustainable for environment.

Our company does not provide any superficial packages that do not perform up to the standards expected from us. We guarantee strict performance parameters in terms of quality, time, flexibility and cost. One thing we never negotiate upon is our parameters and work morals.

Advantages of Commercial Green Cleaning

  • It encourages healthier working environment
  • It reduces one’s company’s environmental footprint by reducing carbon content.
  • Most importantly it improves safety for employees
  • Completely non toxic yet effective cleaning method
  • It significantly reduces internal pollution, caused by harmful chemicals

Green Cleaning is an approach of cleaning and janitorial services that offers the Best Environmental Performance and Improved Worker Health and Safety as possible. We make sure that we retain same sanitation quality as traditional methods of cleaning.

Our commercial green cleaning staff is fully skilled in green cleaning methods and has years of expertise in eliminating dust and dirt with clean, healthy, safe and non toxic products. The same is the case with all services we provide, here we provide personalized Green Cleaning Solutions irrespective of the order magnitude. In order to avoid any kind of delays or other obstructions we also coordinate the work with each commercial place’s general contractors or property managers.

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