Interworld Cleaning offers commercial foreclosure cleaning services to businesses in Maryland, Baltimore, and Washington D.C. We always strive to give the most efficient and helpful service to our valued customers, whether you are moving into business premises or out of one. Our commercial cleaning services can tackle any kind of facility, and clean every area thoroughly for the next owners. In the past, we have assisted owners from large and small commercial enterprises alike, and have plenty of experience with commercial foreclosure cleaning. We also have a great track record of finishing our projects on time, and always within your budget- giving very competitive prices.

We leave every foreclosed commercial facility in immaculate condition, and every area properly cleaned and sanitized.

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We take care of every detail when it comes to commercial foreclosure cleaning, minimizing the stress and hassle for busy customers. Our team of dedicated operatives can be relied upon to get every space looking its best. Interworld Cleaning offers brilliant commercial foreclosure cleaning services to customers in the Maryland, Baltimore, and Washington D.C areas:

A top-to-bottom deep clean ensured

Our crew works hard so that every area is left in a presentable condition, and we always aim to give the best results from our work. All areas such as store rooms, office spaces, kitchens, and toilet facilities are restored to great condition for the people taking over the facility. Floors and workspaces are given a thorough clean, and there’s will be no trace of dirt or dust when we’re finished.

A helpful hauling and moving service

All the furniture, office equipment, desks, chairs, tables, electrical goods, etc are carefully removed from the property to just about anywhere you need, such as a new facility or building. We have experience in this area, and our team knows the tips to effectively clear out any property, without damaging your assets or the building. Interworld commercial cleaning service hauls away anything you need us to, in addition, we break unwanted furniture into smaller pieces to save on loading space – and your money in the long run.

Sparkling window cleaning services

Windows, doors, and sills are cleaned both inside and out, to give an amazing shine. Steam cleaners and quality products are used by our team to remove the build-up of dirt and grime, which can sometimes accumulate around these areas. Cleaner panes allow more light into the property, and also give a great impression to both customers and employees.

Powerful pressure washing services

For tougher marks around the property, we employ strong pressure washers that lift dirt from paved areas that may see a lot of traffic, kitchens, and bathrooms. Concrete and some stone-type floors can also be pressure washed to restore shine with our mostly green cleaning solutions. Areas such as the entrances and exits of commercial property are the most used, and accumulate the most dirt – these areas are often the main concern for businesses.

A rejuvenating carpet cleaning service

We use the best carpet cleaners in the industry, combined with a fantastic range of great-smelling products to rejuvenate tired and worn carpets. Any areas of heavy traffic can be quickly taken care of and left in a wonderful condition. We take special care to clean areas that may have ‘missed’ cleaning once any larger structures are removed and leave the facility looking fresh and bright. Areas can be specially disinfected if required.

Interworld commercial cleaning service is fully insured, licensed, and bonded throughout America. Our company’s insurance meets, and much of the time exceeds, the minimum requirements for working with large organizations such as banks, realtors, and all city/state/federal agencies.

We take digital photos of the property before and after, which can be e-mailed to you free of charge. Just ask us if you would like to do this for your foreclosure, possibly for prospective clients. Some of our previous commercial foreclosure projects can be seen in the photos above, and also in our gallery.

Interworld Commercial Cleaning Company always aims to give customers the best value for money, and we provide free no-obligation quotes for any commercial foreclosure cleaning service you require.