It’s not always easy to keep an office clean. In rainy and snowy weather, employees track in water, mud, and dirt. When it is hot and humid, mold can quickly build up in moist places, like the break room kitchen, or bathroom.

But office cleaning isn’t always easy either. Windows seem to become streaked and dirty within minutes after cleaning them. Your go-to bleach cleaner may be doing more harm than good. And are you really getting out carpet stains or making them worse?

Here are some of the biggest mistakes made while cleaning offices. Make sure you’re not making them.



1- Glass Cleaning When Sunny

When the sun is shining directly through a window, it’s easy to see all the streaks. You might think that the sunniest times are the best for cleaning, but they’re actually some of the worst times.

Why? The hot sun will dry up your glass cleaner faster than you can wipe it down. This means you’ll be more likely to leave streaks behind. While you may get rid of a few handprints, you’ll still have to clean the glass again to get rid of the streaks. Wait until the sun has moved off the glass to properly clean the window.

2- Scrubbing Carpet Stains

Chances are, your employees have spilled plenty of coffee all over your carpets, leaving plenty of brown carpet stains around your office. No office cleaning service is complete without cleaning carpets, but if you’re scrubbing your carpets, then you may be doing more harm than good.

Scrubbing carpets only helps the stain spread. It will also destroy the fibers in the carpet and help the stain set even deeper in the carpet. Instead, dampen the stain with water and dab away at the stain to get the heaviest parts out. If a lot of liquid has been spilled, then use a sponge. Once you’ve finished, spray the area with carpet cleaning to help get the rest of the carpet stains out.

3- Not Vacuuming Enough

Some people believe that vacuuming too much will actually hurt carpets, but that’s just not true. Vacuuming will not wear out your carpet. The sucking power will actually stop dirt from sticking to different parts of the carpet. Make sure you’re vacuuming at least once a day to stop any dirt from sticking.

4- Using Too Much Bleach

While bleach may be a great disinfectant, it does not effectively clean as well as you might think. It doesn’t help break down build-ups such as food or dirt, and it is painful to breathe in. If all you’re using in your office cleaning is bleach, then you’re going to have a lot of sick employees.

Instead, use different types of cleaning products, preferably all-natural ones. These products will not only disinfect, but they’ll also help get rid of stains and tough build-ups.


If your office cleaning service is getting to be too much, why not hire a commercial cleaning service? A professional cleaning service knows how to get out every stain and banish every speck of dust. You won’t have to worry about streaked windows or mold growing in your bathrooms. Your commercial cleaning service will make sure your office is spick and span every time they leave it.

Tell us, what frustrates you the most about office cleaning? Share with us!