On July 30th we celebrate International Friendship Day. Friends are great to have, we derive so much joy from their companionship and have such great fun together. Some may think they don’t have many friends, but this is simply not true. Friends are all around us.

Remember the last time you grabbed a coffee or went for a burger, and the person who helped you’s a friendly smile? Well, that is a sign of friendship. Friends are all around us, even if you have not sealed the official friendship stamp with them all yet!


Once you have sealed the official friendship stamp, it’s time to get to work building on your friendship. Here are some tips to help:

  • Offer to clean your friend’s house or car as a sign of friendship, they will surely appreciate it!
  • Invite your friend out or over for a cup of coffee, it does not cost much and it will be great bonding time
  • Hold a garage sale for all your friends in your street, you will declutter your space and they may want some of the items. Instead of making them pay for the items, ask them to donate to charity.
  • Next time you go for that coffee or burger, give the person who helped you a great tip. Those smiles are friendships just waiting to happen!

Let's get social

  1. Download our ‘Happy International Friendship Day’ PDF image.
  2. Share it with a friend, pin it up on the wall or notice board or convert it to an image and create a post out of it for Social Media.
  3. All your friends will love it and hey, you may make a new friend.



We are not only celebrating Friendship this month, but also Antonia’s Birthday, which was on July 5th. Happy Birthday, Antonia, we wish you a prosperous and joyous year ahead.

We are so proud to announce two work anniversaries this month. We particularly like these momentous events. Rubia Aquino has been with us for one year and Dalia Martinez has been with us for two years this July. Thank you for your contribution Rubia and Dalia, we appreciate all you do for us!

We are also so delighted to be welcoming two new members to the Interworld family! Two new employees Carolyn & Esmeralda started this month. Welcome, and we hope to have a long and prosperous relationship with you.

Friendship & Interworld

We love our friends, and we love their friends. To us at Interworld, we are all friends.

As a sign of our friendship, we are offering you up to 3 hours of free house cleaning on us once you refer a friend and they sign up for recurring cleaning.

Friendship is about giving and taking so an added bonus is they will get 10% off their first-month bill!

You get up to 3 hours’ worth of free cleaning in your residence, and we get another fantastic client!

Let’s make the friendship circle bigger!


Celebrating Friendship