There’s something for everyone on Social Media if it’s a YouTube ‘how to’ video or posting your latest adventure on Instagram. Some people prefer the anonymity and enthralling content of Reddit, while others enjoy posting creative ideas on Pinterest. TikTok and Twitter are at the heart of major political debates and are regularly in the spotlight.

June 30 is officially World Social Media day. Let’s take a look at how social media has affected our lives since its inception in 1997:


Over 70% of the US population have at least one social media account

12% of US internet users spend 4 hours or more per day on Social Media

Snapchat is the most popular network among teenagers

The average time spent on social media by internet users worldwide is 147 minutes per day.


Social media offers a host of great resources that we can learn from and get practical help from in our daily lives.

Some great resources are:

The Green Cleaning Association LinkedIn page offers great tips and advice on how to make sure your cleaning routine is also environmentally friendly.


The Clean My Space YouTube channel offers amazing videos with useful household cleaning hacks, this video offers 21 Cleaning Hacks that will blow your mind:



We are delighted to announce some work anniversaries. This always makes us so proud, as we aim to be top-notch employers and provide our employees with a great workplace. It means we are achieving our goals!

Congratulations Christina Stevenson for 3 years with Interworld, we are so happy to still have you onboard and appreciate everything you do for us. Ana Pena celebrates one year with us. Thank you so much for your contribution, Ana!


At Interworld we love the socials, join us on our channels and let’s get to know each other!

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