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Imagine stepping into a grimy, uncleaned hospital or medical clinic. Chances are you wouldn’t have too much confidence in the healthcare facility or even the medical staff trying to help you. Hospital cleaning is extremely important. That’s because hospitals and healthcare facilities are associated with cleanliness, trust and care. A clean environment promotes healing, but also offers a better place to work for everyone, creating a sense of synergy

When a healthcare facility is clean, patients are put at ease. When it’s not, your patients may distrust the staff, doubt the efficiency of the facility or hospital and even look for a different practitioner. All commercial buildings should hold up to a standard of cleanliness, but hospitals and other healthcare facilities are in a league of their own. There’s no denying that the cleaning needs of medical buildings are unique from other institutions. With patient health at stake, and lives hanging in the balance, they demand an extra degree of attention.

Why We Clean

Surprising Facts About Hospital Cleaning

According to a study published in 2009, more than seventy five percent of all hospitals have received citations for serious sanitation and cleanliness violations. With hospital cleaning staff overwhelmed and not properly trained, unsanitary rooms and wards have resulted – breeding grounds for germs to thrive.

hospital cleaning and disinfection

Hospital-acquired infections are among the leading causes of preventable death today. 100,000 people in the US die every year from bugs they catch after hospitalization. The old and very young are especially vulnerable because their immune systems have difficulty fighting off these powerful germs. Clostridiuim difficile, a bacteria that causes colitis, diarrhea and other intestinal maladies is one of the most common preventable infections in hospitals and long-term care facilities. Reducing hospital-acquired conditions by 40% would mean around 1.8 million fewer injuries to patients and could save more than sixty thousand lives. 1.6 million patients could recover without a germ related complication that requires another hospital stay The health care system could save as much as $35 billion dollars
As you can see, your patients are correct to be concerned about a grimy hospital or clinic. Inefficient cleaning can lead to disease that would have been prevented by an effective clean, repeat hospitalization due to hospital-acquired conditions, and it causes your patients to doubt the professionalism of the facility.

What We Clean

Because we recognize the dire importance of a clean healthcare facility, we follow a methodical, time-tested process to ensure that no areas are overlooked.

Areas of the Hospital Facility that we Cover

  • examination rooms
  • operating rooms
  • emergency rooms
  • patient rooms
  • x-ray rooms
  • waiting rooms
  • community spaces
  • lobbies
  • laundry rooms
  • bathrooms
  • kitchens
  • walkways
  • activity rooms
  • offices


We happily sanitize and disinfect these areas, diving deep into cleaning services. The services we provide are environment specific and include:

  • Sanitation and disinfection of operating rooms and emergency rooms
  • Detailed escalator, elevator cleaning
  • Sanitation of showers and shower surfaces
  • Commercial cleaning and disinfecting of bathrooms
  • Interior and exterior window cleaning
  • Parking lot sweeping and power washing
  • Trash disposal
  • Ceiling cleaning and disinfection
  • Surface disinfection
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Floor disinfection

Trying to imagine what it would be like to hire us? Let us paint a picture of the work we do in each hospital rooms to keep them clean and healthy.

How to Clean Hospital Room

hospital-room-cleanThe Interworld Cleaning Way We clean from the very top to bottom, dusting all of the flat surfaces, such as kickboards, under counters, windowsills and baseboards. Removing any cobwebs, we also thoroughly clean high touch surfaces like door handles, and light switches. Telephones are sanitized, as well as cabinets, countertops, tables and appliances.

Cleaning Hospital Rooms isn’t all we do…

healthcare facilities cleaningWe extend our health facility services to a number of different sectors, including:

The Healthcare Facilities We Clean

  • Medical Offices
  • Chiropractor Offices
  • Physician Offices
  • Dentist Offices
  • Urgent Care
  • Mental Health Facilities
  • Optometrist Offices
  • Outpatient Facilities
  • Minor Medical
  • Clinics
  • General Practitioners’ Offices
  • Physical and Speech Therapy Centers
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Centers

How We Clean

How do we do such a remarkable job on our cleanup? It all comes down to training and workflow.

Our hospital cleaning specialists have received customized, extensive training to provide you with the best clean that is possible. Our staff knows the ins and outs of hospital cleaning, from proper ways to prevent infection in an exam room to completing a terminal clean in an operating room.

Each and every employee is trained using proven techniques and is supervised during their work.

Our Training

hospital cleaning employeeIs specific to the healthcare environment and job role. We aren’t a one size fits all solution by any stretch of the imagination. We realize certain areas need specialized attention and incorporate your cleaning needs into our training. Our training embraces the latest technologies, promoting efficiency, and is constantly being improved by forward looking research into new tools and techniques. Teaches comprehensive and customized service. No wonder we have so many repeat customers – we work customer service thoroughly into our training, and educate employees on how to customize cleaning to the client’s liking.

Our Employees Credentials

All employees are background checked and trained in infection control All cleaning professionals are aware of universal precautions, fostering safety. All company personnel learn compliance with safety and regulatory orders with a focus on blood – borne pathogens.

It’s All in the Details

hospital cleaning faucets We are extremely proud of our cleaning team and their attention to detail. No stone is left unturned. They pay special attention to high touch areas like:
  • towel dispensers
  • faucets
  • push plates so that nothing is left to chance.
  • flush handles
Examination rooms, nurses’ stations and utility rooms are cleaned under supervision

Cleaning Agents Used in Hospitals – A Green Clean is Good for All of Us

green cleaning eco friendlyWe use green products, where applicable, at no additional cost which benefits you in two ways: hospital staff and patients won’t be bothered by a chemical smell, and there is no scope for chemical borne diseases. In fact, when we take measures to protect the environment, every one is a winner. To eliminate the spread of germs and prevent cross contamination, not only we frequently change micro-fiber cloths and flat mops, but also use color coded micro-fiber cloth for different surfaces.

Cleaning Hospital Floors & Maintenance

    • Cleaning tasks performed are always specific to floor type. We use correct procedures to protect your floor life.
    • We adjust the frequency of cleaning tasks performed to be proportionate to traffic and floor type. Too much cleaning can damage your floor, too little makes your facility appear disreputable.
    • The tools we use to perform cleaning tasks are state of the art, cutting edge tools used for the best and fastest clean
  • Cleaning agents used in hospitals to perform cleaning tasks are the suited best for the floor type. We use our know-how and training to ensure that your floors are kept in good order by cleaning appropriately.
We work with medical professionals to determine the best techniques and products to use, focusing on surface cleanliness and infection control/prevention.

We Provide Maintenance for Hospital Flooring

  • Concrete
  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Terrazzo
  • Tile
  • Ceramic

We also perform hardwood floor maintenance, shampoo carpets using various techniques, strip, wax and buffer floors.

Let Us Clean Your Hospital

risk freeWe work with medical professionals to determine the best techniques and products to use, focusing on surface cleanliness and infection control/prevention. We’re experts when it comes to cleaning, you’re the expert when it comes to your craft. A match made in heaven!

Benefits of Working with Hospital Cleaning Company – Interworld Cleaning

hospital cleaning company
  • We perform services around the clock for your convenience and peak efficiency
  • Customize a package that integrates the services you require, and only those services
  • Our uniformed staff will handle potentially infectious medical waste
  • Our cleaning technicians have been specially trained by experts
  • We offer the option for both short term and long term contracts.
  • We use state of the art equipment and don’t cut corners.
Interworld Cleaning has been raising the bar, providing industry-leading standards of cleaning for its customers, particularly healthcare facilities. We can straddle the line between infection control and prevention while still focusing on patient environment improvement.

As we know, when cleaning isn’t up to par, healthcare staff and patients suffer, and can even be put at risk. We consider this a grave concern that isn’t taken lightly. That’s why we developed our workflow that will have your hospital shining from top to bottom.

Cleaning a hospital more frequently can cure disease, and we are the cure for the common clean. When you choose us, your patient’s overall satisfaction will increase while you enjoy the risk reduction associated with a happy and healthy workplace.

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