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    Green, Clean & Serene!

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    Fully Licensed, Insured and Bonded!

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    Incredible Attention To Details!

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    Guaranteed On Time Delivery!

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    Bacteria and Germ Control!

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    Unmatched Quality!

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    Superior Building Maintenance!

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    Complete Customer Satisfaction!

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    24/7 Cleaning Services!

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Key Features

  • Residential, Commercial & Industrial
  • Insured, Licensed & Bonded
  • 24/7 Cleaning Service
  • Free Green Cleaning
  • 100% Satisfaction
  • Professional & Experienced
  • Superb Admin Support
  • Individual & Team Cleaning
  • Competitive Rates
  • FREE ESTIMATES! And more...


The place looks great and my in-laws are thrilled. They had NO idea what a difference the cleaning would make. Thank you and your team again for all your hard work and for working with me to get this done. And more...

Kerry Skarda
Baltimore, MD

Interworld Cleaning is the #1 trusted choice for residential, commercial offices and industrial cleaning services in Maryland, Washington DC and the Baltimore Metro area. Since our launch in 2007, our business has expanded rapidly, overtaking local competition and forging strong, long-term relationships with both major companies and homeowners alike.

Our professional team deliver the best all-round housekeeping and janitorial services possible for complete customer satisfaction- leaving you with an immaculate home or work environment every time we visit.

Only the highest quality cleaning products, environmentally friendly when possible, and top-of-the-range equipment is used by Interworld; we know that to get the job done right, you need the right tools to begin with. Our helpful and efficient workforce is pre-screened and extensively trained, and always make sure that projects are properly supervised competently. Exceptional customer service comes as standard when you take on Interworld Cleaning for your establishment, with every job completed as punctually as you expect

Have a look around our website at the varied and specific services we offer for domestic cleaning, workspace or office cleaning and janitorial industrial site cleaning needs by using the tabs at the top. If you would like a free, no obligation quote for any and all cleaning requirements - CLICK HERE  or call us on 410-800-2575



The many advantages of partnering with Interworld Cleaning:

  • 24/7 cleaning service for flexible working hours
  • Well-trained staff that are dedicated to your needs
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • High-quality cleaning products and materials
  • Complimentary paper towel, hand soap and toilet paper dispensers for qualified projects
  • An outstanding, friendly customer and admin support
  • Projects delivered on-time, every time
  • Fully insured, licensed and bonded throughout America
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A Dependable Cleaning And Janitorial Company You Can Always Rely On 

Theres always an element of trust when it comes to allowing people into your home, office or other business space on a one-off or regular basis. At Interworld Cleaning, we understand this well and take every measure to ensure that you receive a responsible and efficient service from all of the team. Every potential employee is carefully screened before hiring, and completes a thorough training program on cleanliness before entering your home or company. You can rest assured that we will never allocate an unqualified cleaning operative to work on any project, whether it’s our office cleaning service or heavy-duty industrial cleaning. Further training is provided at regular stages to enhance our teams performance, quality of work and consistent high standards our clients require and deserve!

We’re confident you’ll be satisfied from your experience with us, so we also provide our services on a month-to-month basis. We don’t tie our clients into long-term agreements with legal small print, that makes it difficult for clients to cancel. One e-mail to our customer service department is all it takes if you decide otherwise. Month-to-month contracts are reassuringly flexible, and perfect if circumstances change or you decide to end the agreement. By providing contracts month-to-month, it keeps us on our toes to deliver outstanding results time after time.

We are fully insured, bonded and licensed throughout America to cover all of our operations for your protection.

Customer Satisfaction That Outshines The Competition

Each and every customer is important to us, and to establish long-term relationships we realize its imperative that the customer comes first in all areas. Whether its for residential, shop, office or industrial purposes, we provide a unrivaled cleaning service that balances value for money with top grade products. We appreciate that everyone’s home, work and family lives are different and unique. That’s why we adapt ourselves to meet your individual needs, and plan our first-class cleaning service around the customer’s requirements- the flexible Interworld Cleaning team is available 24/7. Our team of dedicated staff go the extra mile to ensure that your home or business sparkles as you expect it to. An exceptional attention to detail and cleanliness guarantees you peace of mind that we clean spaces as a whole- the bits you can’t see are just as important as the ones you can. Commercial cleaning of offices, shop floors and business premises need that level of perfection to wow customers, and keep their employees in a healthy and safe environment. Efficient cleaning methods are employed to get the work completed in a timely manner, whilst always maintaining our consistent high standards.

A Personal Experience For Every Project We Undertake

You can call or e-mail our experienced support staff who are dedicated to making sure you have all the information you need before, during or after a job. An over the phone assessment with one of the team is an easy and efficient way to provide you with quotes for housekeeping and small business cleaning projects. It gives you the opportunity to get immediate answers to any questions you may have, and gives us the ability to discuss in detail how we work. We pride ourselves on giving accurate quotes and estimates for larger cleaning services such as industrial and commercial office spaces, so before we begin any major work for you one of our representatives will make a short visit to your property or establishment to assess exactly what you require from our company. We like to get to know our valued customers and hear from them exactly what theyre looking for. We visit clients at their premises all over the Maryland, Washington DC and Baltimore Metro area at a time convenient for you. As we survey the office or business area you require cleaned and sanitized firsthand, we are in a much better position to give a precise estimate then and there of any janitorial work to be carried out. The team that will clean your residence or workspace is always briefed of specific requirements before they commence work for you, giving a bespoke service to all clients.

Investment In High-Quality Green Products And Equipment That Gets The Job Done Right

Everyone needs cleaning services for different reasons, from the removal of stains and bad odors in households to health benefits for businesses and large-scale industrial cleanups. Interworld Cleaning caters for any sized project, small offices and large warehouses alike, and we only use the finest cleaning products, materials and equipment for every one. As we carry out so many cleaning and janitorial services for residences, businesses and industries throughout the year, it would be irresponsible of us not to try and implement green solutions in any area we can. Our company slogan, Green, Clean & Serene sums this up, and our commitment to using non-toxic products wherever we can goes hand-in-hand with our annual targets of lowering harm to the environment. 

Here at Interworld Cleaning, we believe that investing in high-grade products and equipment thats durable and environmentally friendly is worth that little bit extra. We dont claim to be the cheapest, but our skills, knowledge and specialist expertise in the sector are unparalleled across Maryland, Washington DC and the Baltimore Metro area - customers also recognize the need for products that simply do the job better than their cheaper counterparts.