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Industrial Cleaning Services

Interworld Cleaning is a leading provider of industrial cleaning services with an excellent reputation for quality throughout Baltimore, Maryland, Washington DC and the surrounding areas. Factories, warehouses, department stores and property management firms are just a few of the establishments that choose our reliable and friendly industrial cleaning services.

By partnering with us for your industrial cleaning requirements, you can rest assured that your facility will be impeccably maintained and will reflect the professional image you need for customers and employees. Our aim is to leave every space or facility with a presentable first impression for all your customers and visitors, and a clean and safe working environment for employees. Places that are frequently used, such as light switches, door handles and staff kitchens are thoroughly cleaned to prevent the spread of germs to workers.

Trained and helpful teams of cleaning staff aim to deliver pleasing results on every project at a time to suit you, thanks to Interworld Cleaning’s 24/7 availability. We deliver our services to accommodate how your business runs, providing services on both a long-term daily cleaning basis or for shorter-term maintenance cleaning every so often. We deep clean all areas of industrial sites to eliminate the build up of dirt and grime that may pose a hazard or health risk to your workforce or clients.
Industrial cleaning services are carried out in sometimes huge areas, with many aspects of cleaning required for different zones. Every industry is different and needs specific cleaning for certain places or items e.g. rooms that prepare food or that cannot be exposed to strong odors. One of our representatives will conduct an on-site assessment with you to give an accurate quote for anything you require - including walk-in refrigerator cleaning and tough pressure washing. During this walk-through, we pay careful attention to what you need from us and brief the cleaning team of your exact requirements before any work commences.
Our cleaning teams use a range of Green Cleaning products, where applicable, that do little or no harm to the environment. Different materials like wood and metal can mark easily with the wrong chemical, but our line of non-toxic green solutions and products eliminate this problem. We are accustomed to many varieties of cleaning tasks for industrial sites, and take every measure to give satisfactory results for every client.
All our team members are also trained in correct product usage and safety procedures, working diligently to ensure that all industrial cleaning services are performed to the highest industry standards. Our team understands that every facility is unique and needs cleaning to be carried out in specific ways, and we’re dedicated to giving every project that personal touch.
We clean any square footage of building that you require, and in the past Interworld Cleaning has provided industrial cleaning services for:

  • Corporate headquarters
  • Parking garages and lots
  • Industrial complexes and building clean-ups
  • Warehouse and shipping facilities
  • Refrigerator and cooler cleaning
  • and food manufacturing plants, such as Unilever
Industrial cleaning services for large floor areas include :
  • Carpet and ceiling cleaning
  • Floor stripping and waxing
  • Window cleaning
  • Construction cleaning
  • Warehouse cleaning
  • Foreclosure cleaning
  • Small and large office cleaning
  • Moving-in & Moving out cleaning
  • and more