We are cleaning company that offer industrial, commercial and residential cleaning services in the areas of Baltimore Metro, Maryland and Washington DC.

In the highly competitive, technology dominated business scenario of the 21st century, customer is the ultimate king as he is spoilt for choices and the cleaning industry is no different.
Though we prefer to let our work do the sales promotion for us, we are listing a few factors that differentiate us from the competition so that you can arrive at a more informed decision when you choose your cleaning company:

Strong Administrative Support

  • We have in-house IT staff an accounting system that enables us to customize invoicing and reporting to meet each client's unique needs.
  • We believe that the customer is not an interruption of our workday, but the reason behind it.

24/7 Service

  • We offer 24/7, 365 day service for your convenience.

Complementary Green Cleaning

  • We use Green Cleaning products whenever possible and free of charge.

Complementary Dispensers

  • We provide the dispensers free of charge if we provide all the consumables.

Highly Experienced and Trained Staff

  • Our staff thoroughly understands all elements of the cleaning industry and will strive to exceed your expectations.

Fully Insured, Bonded & Licensed

  • We are comprehensively covered to protect your business and property.

State of the art Equipment

  • We have the latest cleaning equipments, specific to different cleaning needs.

Constant Quality Control

  • We perform random employee audits and provide you surveys to ensure that you are receiving value for your investment.


We are constantly looking out for the best interests of our customers - current and past. If we come across a product, service or equipment that will help your business to save some money - our benefit in any way - we will let you know.


A knowledgeable supervisor will be on duty at all times and management is just a phone call away. If you leave a message it will be promptly returned.


We are not afraid to admit when we have made a mistake, and will not wait to be asked if a problem must be addressed.

Flexible, Risk Free Service

We offer both short and long term contracts, which give you plenty of time to evaluate our services.
Even our long term contracts do not put you at any risk, as they can be cancelled with an e-mail.

Complete Customer Satisfaction

Our services are know for the highest degree of customer satisfaction and we do not close our contracts until you are 100 percent satisfied.